Why should you stop hunting whales?

Kasandra Jast asked a question: Why should you stop hunting whales?
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🌐 Why should hunting stop?

Many people believe hunting should stop because it is considered to be animal abuse. Humans hunting animals, who are innocent and cannot defend themselves is sometimes considered inhumane.

🌐 Why should you stop hunting?

we should, we can live on other foods first of all and animals have a life too and they have feelings so put it this way how would you feel if some one killed you for no reason

🌐 Reasons for hunting whales?

people hunt for whales to feed them selves ---- People also hunt whales as whale meat is worth quite a bit on fish markets in Japan

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because then they will become extinct!

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Are there laws against hunting whales?

Yes, there are, but many countries, notably Japan, ignore them.

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Do orca whales cooperate while hunting?


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How does whales hunting affect australia?

wish I knew

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Was comericial hunting for whales banned?

no well, the us doesnt like it but japan still does it

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What is used for hunting whales?

Harpoons are mainly the weapon the hunters hunt whales with.

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What whales are the japanese hunting?

whale hunting cartoon old whale hunting

  • In the past, Japan hunted all types of whales. Some of these included Baird Beaked, Blue, Bryde, Fin, Gray, Humpback, Minke, Right, Sei, and Sperm Whales. Most of these whales are endangered species.

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When did japan start hunting whales?

  • He also established the first modern whaling company in Japan in 1899, Nihon Enyo Gyogyo K.K. which took its first whale on February 4, 1900, with a Norwegian gunner, Morten Pedersen.

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When was hunting whales - album - created?

Hunting Whales - album - was created in 2007.

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Who is hunting the humpback whales?


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Why are killer whales hunting dolphins?

  • The reason these dolphins are called killer whales is because of their large size. killer whales can grow to be over 26 ft. long and weigh more than 6,000 pounds. They are also name killer whales because of their highly skilled hunting techniques and large diets.

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Why are people against hunting whales?

well because its a crul thing im sure you wouldn't like to be shot at with a spear and then cut up for meat

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Why are people still hunting whales?

because they use it for products and for food like lipstick, meat and sometimes they take away there skin to sell it or to make clothes shoes and that's why fisherman are still hunting for poor whales

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Why do people began hunting whales?

The natives of Alaska have been hunting bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) for at least 3,000 years.

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Why is japan hunting whales again?

whale hunting painting traditional whale hunting

Japan has resumed catching whales for profit, in defiance of international criticism. Its last commercial hunt was in 1986, but Japan has never really stopped whaling - it has been conducting instead what it says are research missions which catch hundreds of whales annually.

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Why is japan still hunting whales?

old whale hunting

The primary reason for hunting whales has been for their meat, which has been seen by the imperial class and wider society as a premium food source. It was even considered essential after the Japanese were defeated in the Second World War due to issues of food scarcity.

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Why do people say we should stop hunting?

  • They seek to reduce or prevent hunting for cruelty reasons or to regulate hunting for Conservation. People who supports hunting said that the opposition based emotional reactions to the individual kill. Here are some eye-opening reasons why we must stop hunting. 1. Hunting Causes Pain And Suffering Hunting is a violent form of “ entertainment “.

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How does whales hunting affect the environment?

It affects many ecosystems in the ocean. For example, if there are no whales, the population of plankton or fish that are the whales food will increase. Also, the food chain is affected. Another reason why whale hunting affects the environment, is because the rare species of whales will get extinct.

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Is hunting blue whales against the law?


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Is hunting whales banned in the us?

It is banned worldwide, however the Japanese go Whaling and kill millions of whales a year and GreenPeace try to stop it!

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What if we never started hunting whales?

whale hunting

  • If the whale hunt never happened, there’d be less carbon in our atmosphere, and our planet would be a lot healthier. If we restored whale populations to pre-hunt levels, we could remove about 160,000 tons of carbon from our atmosphere every year. That’s an amount equivalent to adding 843 hectares of forest.

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What indians were famous for hunting whales?

The Makah.

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