Why is whale hunting illegal?

Zoila Kuhn asked a question: Why is whale hunting illegal?
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Despite it being illegal in most countries, dolphins (and small whales) are hunted in many places around the world mostly for the same reasons as their larger cousins – people want to eat their meat and utilise their body parts. In Taiji, Japan however, young animals are removed and sold into a life in captivity.


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🌐 Is whale hunting illegal?

i believe it is, but not 100% sure. if you watch whale wars, they never have cops or anything waiting at the docks....

🌐 Japanese whale hunting?

Japan continues to hunt whales despite their endangered status. Today, whale meat makes up one-quarter of the Japanese diet. Seemingly, the more other countries chastise the country for whaling, the more it hunts this endangered animal.

🌐 Advantages on whale hunting?

Advantages on whale hunting: After researching this for my own coursework I found that there aren't so many advantages to whale hunting as there is disadvantages. An advantage is that it provides food for the small communities up in Alaska for instance as many of the families have the meat as there main source of food. Whales are also used in many products such as perfume, lipstick and other beauty products.

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The social effects of whale hunting?

the social effects of whale hunting are if people keep hunting whales, the more endangered the will become mabye they will become extinct.

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What year did whale hunting begin?


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Where does whale hunting take place?

whale hunting mainly takes place in Japan. although it is quite common in smaller places as they do not have access to resources. +++ The hunting grounds are far from Japan, but Japan and Norway are the two main commercial whaling nations now.

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Why should whale hunting be banned?

Because whales are very endangered! Only about a million are left!

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Is whale hunting illegal in some parts of the world and if so then where?

I don't know, but I think that in Japan and Norway, they are whaling nations, that's it.

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Is hunting illegal?

That would depend on what is being hunted and who is doing the hunting. In some cases it is illegal and call poaching, in other situations depending on the animal it is allowed and very legal.

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What are the disadvantages of whale hunting?

Disadvantages of Whale Hunting

  • It kills whales, which are harmless, intelligent creatures. Whaling has already drastically reduced the number of whales and threatened their survival as a species.
  • Whales will become extinct.

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What company trys to prevent whale hunting?

Whale hunting, also known as whaling, has been around for centuries. Most countries have outlawed whaling due to depleting populations, however Japan continues to hunt whales. Greenpeace International is one of the larger organizations in the world that actively tries to prevent whale hunting around the world.

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Who are the stakeholders in whale hunting?

Many companies and people benefit from whale hunting. Restaurants, markets, the hunters all benefit from the hunting of whales.

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Why should whale hunting not be banned?

it should not be banned because they are a typical source of food and other sources for tribes.

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Are hunting pandas illegal?

Yes, hunting pandas is illegal. They are an endangered species. Correction. Its illegal to hunt them where they live. So if you happen upon a panda in Antartica.....shoot that monochrome mammal.

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Are trophy hunting illegal?

What is trophy hunting? ... It is a booming industry and is legal, albeit with restrictions on the species that can be hunted, where and when the hunting can take place, and the weapons that can be used.

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Is alligator hunting illegal?


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Is badger hunting illegal?

no but you do need a fur bears permit

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Is elephant hunting illegal?

Actually, unfortunately, it is NOT always illegal. In some African countries where the elephant polulation is stable or detrimental, it is allowed.

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Is fossil hunting illegal?

In New South Wales there is no legislation specifically dealing with the collection of fossils… On other public land such as road reserves and council owned land, permission of the relevant authority should be obtained before removal of any fossil material.

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Is fox hunting illegal?

In America, no. In the UK, yes it is illegal.

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Is gorilla hunting illegal?


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Is hunting animals illegal?

Well it all depends where you are going to hunt. If you hunt animals in the city that would be illegal but hunting animals in the country is fine but you need a hunting license if you want to hunt an animal in a rural area. If you ever hunted animals without a license you could get in trouble and if the police catch you you could get arrested and you would have to pay the fine. And to avoid this please if you are a hunter try to make sure that you have your license and always hunt in the country, not the city.

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Is hunting deer illegal?

  • Hunting deer is a regulated activity in many territories. In the US, a state government agency such as a Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) or Department of Natural Resources ( DNR ) oversees the regulations. In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to use bows or rifles chambered in bores smaller than.243 caliber (6mm) for hunting.

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