Who is chuckie sullivan in good will hunting?

Dillan Bruen asked a question: Who is chuckie sullivan in good will hunting?
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How is Chuckie portrayed in Good Will Hunting?

  • Chuckie is nurturing, loving, and respectful of Will’s promise. Will has the good instinct to be attracted to Skylar, portrayed as a loving and genuine person. But she is smart, and requires an empathic and loving relationship. This makes Will very anxious. She represents a risk that he cannot tolerate until after his treatment.

Who is Chuckie Sullivan and what is he like?

  • Chuckie Sullivan is Will's best friend… which is saying a lot because Will doesn't trust that many people. Chuckie's also a pretty witty guy in his own right, as we find out when he jokes with his buddy about a sandwich:

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