When is squirrel hunting season in virginia?

Ludwig Abernathy asked a question: When is squirrel hunting season in virginia?
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  • Avid squirrel hunters are quite fortunate in Virginia to enjoy a very long fall season that runs from early September through the end of February, following regulation changes in recent years.
  • “For those hunters interested in the squirrel hunting, finding those hickory or beech trees that bore fruit would be a really good place,” Krantz explained. The season runs from September 11th through the end of February.

Looking for a state with big game? ... Virginia Small Game Seasons.

CrowAug. 21-March 18
GrouseOct. 23-Feb. 12 (hunting prohibited west of I-95)
Quail and PheasantNov. 6-Jan. 31
RabbitOct. 30-Feb. 28
SquirrelSept. 4-Feb. 28 (Gray/Red Squirrels) Sept. 4-Jan. 31 (Fox Squirrels)

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