When is rabbit hunting season in wisconsin?

Kennith Kub asked a question: When is rabbit hunting season in wisconsin?
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Wisconsin Small Game Seasons

Cottontail RabbitNorthern zone: Sept. 18-Feb. 28 Southern zone: Oct. 16-Feb. 28 Milwaukee County: Open Season
SquirrelSept. 18-Jan. 31
PheasantOct. 16-Jan. 9
QuailOct. 16-Dec. 8
Ruffed GrouseZone A: Sept. 18-Jan. 9 Zone B: Oct. 16-Dec. 8
  • Use care in handling rabbits during the spring and summer (until about mid-September). Tularemia is usually not a problem after a hard freeze and during the winter, which is one reason why the Wisconsin rabbit hunting season opens in October.

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