What's the best way to go about shiny hunting zorua?

Elna Gerhold asked a question: What's the best way to go about shiny hunting zorua?
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Best Way to Shiny Hunt Zorua

  1. A Pokémon with the following: -Harvest…
  2. A Pokémon with Soak or Forests' Curse. These moves are necessary in changing the opposing Zorua's type so that Skill Swap may be used…
  3. A Pokémon with Entrainment…
  4. A Pokémon to Sweep…
  5. A Pokémon who will catch the Shiny…
  6. Healing Items…
  7. Pokéballs.


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🌐 What is the best shiny hunting method?

Named after one of Game Freak's founders, Junichi Masuda, the Masuda method is one of the most effective ways of obtaining shinies. Breeding a Pokémon with another from a game of a different language will yield eggs with increased shiny odds of 1/683, or 1/512 with the Shiny Charm.

🌐 What is sos shiny hunting?

An SOS Battle is a battle in which a wild Pokémon calls for help from allies… A chain length of 70 to 255 gives you a 1 in 1,024 chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon. If you have obtained the Shiny Charm, the chance becomes 1 in 683. After a chain of 255, the increased chance goes back to 0.

🌐 How do you start shiny hunting?

So to shiny hunt the starters you can do two things: catch combo a different easy to find Pokémon like Pidgey and get this combo to 31 or higher. This will max the chance of any Pokémon being shiny. Then go to the spawn point of the starter and keep resetting the spawns or just sit there waiting.

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On average it takes me 1 hour and 41 minutes between shinies - which isnt too bad.

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  • Shiny fever is back now that Pokémon Sword & Shield are out, so here's a refresher course on shiny hunting in the world of Pokémon. Shiny hunting is really one of the most tedious things that you can do in all of Pokémon . It's boring, it's unending, it never stops.

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