What is the difference between a 20 gauge shotgun then a 12 gauge adult shotgun?

Candice Jones asked a question: What is the difference between a 20 gauge shotgun then a 12 gauge adult shotgun?
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🌐 What is the difference between a 12 gauge shotgun and a 20 gauge?

Size of bore, size of ammuntion

🌐 What is better a 10 gauge shotgun or 12 gauge shotgun?

A 10 guage is more powerful with more kick and better range, a 12 guage is the standard issue hunting and war shotgun, it is better if you are not an experienced shooter, it also depends upon what you're doing with the gun

🌐 Which is stronger between a 12 gauge and a 20 gauge shotgun?

The gauge of a shotgun is directly related to the size of the barrell. In the cases of shotguns the sizes going from biggest to smallest for 'standard' (not all) shotguns is. 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16, gauge, 20 gauge, and a .410 bore shotgun (410 is not a gauge but a caliber)

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The 12 gage has a bigger barrel then a youth 20 gage shotgun.

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What is more powerful 20 gauge or 16 gauge shotgun?


What gauge shotgun is best for deer?

Go with 12-Gauge or Larger for Deer

This means most hunters will be best served by a 12-gauge. 16-gauges gauges can get the job done, and 20-gauge shotguns are easier for smaller hunters, but almost every deer hunter during shotgun season is toting a 12-gauge shotgun, while some will go even larger with a 10-gauge.

What gauge shotgun to use for trapshooting?

Whatever you can use effectively. Most shotgunners in the US opt for a 12-Gauge, but be a sport and use a .410, with deer slugs.

Can a 12 gauge shotgun shoot 20 gauge ammo?

No, you can not shoot anything but 12 gauge shotgun shells through a 12 gauge shotgun. Never use any ammunition other than what the firearm was designed for.

What is the difference between a shotgun and a rifle?
  • Let’s dive in and find out. A shotgun fires a shotshell or buckshot. Sometimes called a scattergun, these firearms usually fire more than one projectile and spray a pattern into a target typically within 100 yards. A rifle is typically associated with greater distance and precision.
What is more worth your money a 20 gauge shotgun or a 12 gauge shotgun why?

the gun that is more worth your money is a 12 gauge because you can go deer, turkey, pheasant and duck hunting and trap shooting without having to worry about getting to far because with a 20 guage duck hunting you would pretty much be able to grab the duck by the time it is close enough to shoot

What is the difference between 10gauge an 12 gauge shot gun?

the 10guage has a bigger shell (diameter) then the 12guage ,the 10guage is more of a sure shot for hunting small game and has a little more recoil but if your planning to use slugs you better go with the 12gauge

Distance of a 20 gauge shotgun?

Depending on the load 20-100 yards.

Is there a 1 gauge shotgun?

“Is there a 1 gauge shotgun/shell?” Yes. Punt guns were made in 1 gauge (also known as “1-bore”), with a diameter of 1.669″ (42.42 mm), and barrel lengths of up to eight feet. It should be noted that the 1-bore was on the smaller end of punt guns; some had a bore of up to four inches!

Is there a 2 gauge shotgun?

There are no guns that use 2 gauge shotgun shells. A 2 gauge shotgun has a barrel of 33.7mm or 1.326 inches and fires 3500gr or 8oz and would fire ½ pounds of lead. But they went out with the black powder in the 1800s.

Is there a 70 gauge shotgun?


Is a 10 gauge shotgun better than a 12 gauge?

the 10 is alot stronger and has more ranger but 12 is better for hunting.unless your hunting very big game

What 12 gauge shotgun holds the most shells?

The Kel-Tec KSG-25 bullpup shotgun however flips conventional wisdom on its head, producing a shotgun that can store an astounding forty-one shots of ammunition internally. The KSG-25's design makes it by far the largest capacity shotgun on the civilian market and a unique addition to a gun owner's collection.

What does a revelation 20 gauge pump shotgun?

And your question is?

What gauge shotgun is best for deer hunting?
  • The truth is that a 12 gauge shotgun is probably the best choice for deer hunting . But a 16 gauge will do the job just as well. However, if those kick just a bit too hard for you, or if you’re getting the first weapon for your teenager, a 20 gauge shotgun will also work. The thing about the 12 gauge slug gun is that it’s incredibly versatile.
What gauge shotgun is best for pheasant hunting?

The 12-gauge shotgun is the most popular choice, and many consider this the best all-around option for pheasant hunting.

What gauge shotgun is best for quail hunting?
  • The 20 gauge shotgun is the most common gauge of shotgun used to hunt quail the 28 gauge is gaining popularity among some hunters. A 71/2 to 8 load shell is suggested when hunting quail. Safety Points To Consider When Hunting Quail - Huntland.Com
What gauge shotgun is best for rabbit hunting?

A 20-gauge shotgun with an improved-cylinder choke is one of the best choices, but almost any shotgun, regardless of gauge, action or choke, is adequate to hunt rabbits. As far as shot sizes, 6s and 7-1/2s are both good choices for cottontails.

What is a 20 gauge shotgun good for?

Specifications. 20-gauge shotguns are especially suitable for hunting game birds such as quail, grouse, turkey, and other game when using shot shells. A 20-gauge can also shoot slugs and buckshot and thereby become an effective deer-hunting gun.

What is a 410 gauge shotgun used for?

. 410 shotguns loaded with shot shells are well suited for small game hunting and pest control; including rabbits, squirrels, snakes, rats, and birds. A . 410 loaded with 1/4 ounce slugs is effective against larger animals such as coyotes and deer.

What is the best 12 gauge pump shotgun?

2012 remington express max

What is the best shotgun gauge for hunting?
  • Although the 12-gauge shotgun is the most prominent in the field, some hunters feel more comfortable with the 16- and 20-gauge models. Both offer a variety of options and make a good choice for youth or small-framed hunters. And then there is the “Sweet Sixteen.”
What is the smallest gauge shotgun that exists?

If you are looking for a true shotgun then I can't help you; hovever, you can buy bird shot for almost any caliber including 22.In short, the 22 bird shot is the smallest shotgun.ps: Bird shot is a normal cartrage with bbs instead of a bullet. probably a 410 that is a shot gun a 22 is a rifle

What shotgun gauge is best for dove hunting?

Why a 12-Gauge Is the Best Shotgun for Doves, Plus 5 Great Examples.

What is the difference between 2.75 and 3 inch shotgun shells?

So when you bump up from 2.75″ to 3.5″ shells, you're gaining about 33% more pellets by weight… Your shot placement is still important, but 3 1/2 shells will deliver more pellets in a wider pattern at close range or a maintaining density at longer distances.