What is the best scope magnification for hunting?

Furman Kulas asked a question: What is the best scope magnification for hunting?
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For general big-game hunting, something around the 3-9X or 4-12X magnification range is still about optimal. Fixed-magnification riflescopes can work well, too.


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🌐 What magnification for hunting binoculars?

  • When hunting large prey such as deer, you need binoculars with a magnification of 10x – 20x. The objective lens should be about 42mm as it offers a bright display by enabling more light into the optics. A pair of binoculars should also be light and compact as you may be holding them for long. Lastly, binoculars should be weather resistant.

🌐 What is the best rifle scope for deer hunting?

  • The Athlon Optics, Talos riflescope, is rated as one of the best scopes for deer hunting for a Remington 870. This is a 4-16×40 SFP scope designed to offer maximum light exposure even in those wee hours of the morning or late hours of the day.

🌐 What is the best rifle scope for varmint hunting?

Opinons vary. Rule of thumb is to buy the best you can afford. Nikon, Burris, Leopold, Nightforce, Kahles, etc. all make fine optics.

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What scope do you use for deer hunting?

For closer range situations and daylight shots, a basic 3-9×40 scope should be plenty good enough for whitetails, mule deer, or elk. In fact, that's probably the most common and best scope magnification for deer hunting.

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Is a 3x9x40 scope good for hunting?

The best 3-9×40 scope is an ideal choice for hunters and shooters alike because of several good reasons. One of these is that it is just one of those scopes capable of providing you with enough low magnification to make close-in shots precisely.

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What does a hunting scope do on a dayz?

  • The Hunting Scope is a variable zoom telescopic sight for the Sporter 22, CR-527, Blaze, and M70 Tundra in DayZ Standalone. The Hunting Scope provides a significant reduction to the weapon's dispersion cone, increasing the overall accuracy of the weapon.

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What is a good rifle scope for deer hunting?

  • Leupold VX-2 Scope…
  • Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 Riflescope…
  • Vortex Crossfire II Rifle Scope…
  • Sightron SIII SS Rifle Scope…
  • Ledsniper Aoe Riflescope…
  • Vortex Optics Viper HS Riflescope…
  • Simmons 8-Point Rifle Scope…
  • ATN X-Sight II Riflescope.

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What kind of scope do i need for hunting?

  • If you hunt in an area where you commonly need to make quick shots at short range in thick cover, a fixed, low-magnification scope is all you need. Low power scopes have a wide field of view, which makes for faster target acquisition.

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What size spotting scope do i need for hunting?

If you're strictly a long-range backpack hunter who humps into the Brooks Range, get a spotting scope that weighs around two or three pounds with an objective lens not greater than 60mm and variable magnification of approximately 10x-30x.

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Do i need a scope for deer hunting?

shotgun rifles

If you hunt in an area where you commonly need to make quick shots at short range in thick cover, a fixed, low-magnification scope is all you need… Meanwhile, most hunters can consistently hit a deer in the vitals out to 200 yards or more with a 3x or 4x scope.

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How close mount hunting scope to eye relief?

  • A common low power rifle scope’s eye relief distance is 4 inches or 101.6 mm, which means that loss of image clarity will occur if one moves in closer or farther from it. The distance can vary between different brands and models of scopes. In general, more eye relief is considered to be better in scopes.

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Is a 6x24 scope too much for hunting?

  • For the hunting you just described, 16x, much less 24x, is not needed. Those scopes are going to be heavier, bigger, more expensive and have a reduced field of view at max power. 6x is a little much for 50 yards. Unless it's a really good sale, it's odd for a 6-24x to be significantly cheaper than a 4-16x. A 3-9x or 3-10.5x would be much better.

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Where can one go on night scope hunting trips?

Laws vary by state; night hunting is illegal in Alabama yet unrestricted in Alaska. For more information, refer to specific states' websites or read the article on High Tech Redneck Incorporated titled "A 50 State Guide - Is night vision legal to use for hunting in my State?"

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How big of a scope do i need for hunting?

  • I use 4x rifle scopes for most big-game hunting and think it adequate to 300 yards. A 6x works fine for me at 400. Of course, you’ll want more magnification for small animals like prairie dogs.

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How do you use a scope in hunting unlimited 2010?

you got to go where u get your guns and there is a little box in the right hand corner and click on the scope u want then when u are hunting u got to get your gun and left click and u get your scope.

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Where is as scope in fallout new vegas for the hunting rifle?

You can buy it from the Gun Runners, and if they don't have it; just wait for 24 hours and check if they have it, if not again, keep repeating.

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What are the best hunting apps?

  • In the process of house-hunting we tested the most popular apps and sites. CommonFloor is a good option in terms of the amount of data it presents. Nestoria is an aggregator-aggregator that checks all the others for you.

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What are the best hunting boots?

  • Meindl USA. Meindl Vakuum Hunter. meindlusa.com…
  • Amazon. Gokey The Supreme. amazon.com…
  • Backcountry. Salomon Quest 4 GTX. avantlink.com…
  • Chippewa. Chippewa Bolville Nano Comp Toe. chippewa chippewaboots.com…
  • Backcountry. Baffin Impact Snow Boot…
  • Amazon. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 1000…
  • REI. Scarpa Fuego Boots…
  • REI. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid.

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What camo is best for hunting?

turkey hunting clothing predator hunting

Great Camo Patterns for Deer Hunting This Season

  1. 10 | Realtree Camo Guide. Still not sure which pattern is right for your 2018 deer hunt? ...
  2. 1 | Realtree Timber…
  3. 2 | Realtree EDGE…
  4. 3 | Realtree Xtra…
  5. 4 | Realtree Xtra Green…
  6. 5 | Realtree MAX-1 XT…
  7. 6 | Realtree MAX-5…
  8. 7 | Realtree Original.

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What deer hunting calibers are best?

The best answer I can give you is the one that's legal in your area that you shoot the best. If a caliber is deemed legal in your area, then placing a shot in the vitals is going to kill deer for sure, with a properly constructed bullet. The important part is getting the bullet where it needs to be. I don't know your skill level or preferences, but if you are a novice or beginning hunter or shooter, I would start with a low recoiling cartridge like the .257 Roberts or 30-30 Winchester, etc. i would also suggest a 30-06, 7.62x39, or .308, these are all good calibers. i would suggest a BAR, (Browning Automatic Rifle) or an ak-47, 7.62x39, or any .308 rifle or you could use a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun, i would use 12. good 12 gauges are: remington870 mossburg500 saga12 usas12 Just adding on to this answer. It is a good answer, however an AK-47, in my opinion is not a good hunting gun. My recommendation for a novice hunter would be a .243 or a .270 or even a 30/30. For a more advanced hunter i would recommend a 30-06 or .308 or a .300 Weatherby. These are all good deer hunting calibers and will; do the job nicely with good shot placement.

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What dog is best for hunting?

The answer is simple...Brittany Spaniels are the best! The Point very well and i am pleased..we have had many hunting dogs and the Brittany was the best..they are a good size, varity of colors, great companion, obidient, they are a five star dog and should be very pleasing!

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What dogs are best for hunting?

Rotweilers and bulldogs especially.

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What is best bird hunting dog?

Whimeriner. It's a big, grey dog with a short tail and blue eyes.

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