What is the best ammo for deer?

Carley Rempel asked a question: What is the best ammo for deer?
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7mm-08 Remington (Winchester Ballistic Silvertip)

The 7mm, or . 284 diameter bullet, is, in my estimation, the best caliber for deer of all sizes, under all conditions—which is why it deserves the top spot on this list. It has innate ballistic properties, and its short-action case, which is a necked-down .


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🌐 What is the best 243 ammo for deer?

  • Hornady American Whitetail. This .243 Winchester is a fantastic deer hunting cartridge and hunters have taken a lot of deer with it over the years.
  • Barnes VOR-TX…
  • Federal Nosler Partition…
  • Hornady Custom Lite…
  • Federal Fusion…
  • Hornady Precision Hunter…
  • Hornady Superformance Varmint…
  • Winchester Varmint X…
  • Remington Core Lokt…
  • Winchester Deer Season XP…

🌐 What's the best ammo for deer hunting?

  • 6.5 Creedmoor…
  • 260 Remington…
  • 264 Winchester Magnum…
  • 270 Winchester…
  • 280 Remington…
  • 308 Winchester…
  • 300 Winchester Magnum. You might be surprised by the number of hunters that use the 300 as their primary deer rifle…
  • 300 Remington Ultra Magnum. Only one of my friends uses this caliber.

🌐 What is the best 223 ammo for deer hunting?

  • Barnes VOR-TX 55-grain TSX © Provided by Field and Stream The VOR-TX 55-grain TSX. Muzzle velocity: 3240…
  • Federal Premium 60-grain Nosler Partition © Provided by Field and Stream The Federal 60-grain Nosler Partition. Muzzle velocity: 3160 fps…
  • Black Hills 62-grain Barnes TSX © Provided by Field and Stream The Black Hills 62-grain Barnes TSX…

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Which is the best creedmoor ammo for deer?
  • Designed for rapid expansion on thin-skinned game, the the Browning BXR 6.5 Creedmoor ammo is great for whitetail, blacktail, mule deer and pronghorn hunting.
What is the best 7.62 x39 ammo for deer hunting?

Both Winchester and Federal (Fusion) make 123 grain soft point ammo for hunting, and many people report good results with these. Corbon loads the all-copper 123 grain DPX bullet in a 7.62×39 load that is also reported to perform well on deer-sized game.

What is the best ammo for hunting elk and deer?
  • Best 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo For Hunting Elk & Deer In 2021. 1 Barnes VOR-TX 120gr TTSX-BT. Naturally, Barnes produces a couple different kinds of 6.5 Creedmoor ammo featuring their legendary copper X-Bullet. In ... 2 Hornady Superformance 120gr GMX. 3 Federal Fusion 140gr. 4 Remington Core-Lokt 140gr. 5 Winchester Deer Season XP 125gr.
What is the best ar-15 ammo for deer hunting?
  • If high velocity is something you look for in a 5.56 round, then the Hornady Superformance rounds will probably be best for you. Now we turn our attention to the best 5.56 ammo for those who use their AR-15 for deer hunting.
What is 223 ammo for deer?
  • "The .223 Remington is a suitable cartridge for hunting deer, within its limitation. This cartridge relies on velocity to drive the lightweight bullets deep. This same velocity contributes to tissue damage. The key to using a .223 Remington on deer is to keep impact velocities high.
Which is the best 300 blackout ammo for deer?
  • The best 300 Blackout ammo options for deer hunting have a bullet weight between 125-135 grains and a bullet type of SST, OTM or Poly-tip. The .300 Blackout is very new by shooting standards.
Which is the best 6.5 creedmoor ammo for deer?
  • The Hornady Precision Hunter line is an excellent all around choice for 6.5 Creedmoor hunting ammunition suitable for everything from whitetail deer all the way up to elk.
Which is the best ammo for hunting whitetail deer?
  • The 180 grain bullet is good for high volume shots and effective against medium game like whitetail deer. Underwood Ammo is known for producing power and reliability in its 10mm rounds. The 155 Grain XTP jacketed hollow point uses Hornady eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP) bullets for deep penetration, accuracy and maximum controlled expansion.
Which is the best light recoil ammo for deer?
  • Fusion Lite is specifically made for deer-sized game and has a copper jacketed bullet fused to a pressure-formed lead core. I think this light-recoil ammo really delivers with a specialized bullet that's tough and accurate. Three calibers: .270, .30-o6 Springfield and .308 Winchester. MSRP: $27-$29.99. 20 rounds per box
What handgun ammo is good for deer hunting?
  • A 9mm Carbine is Good for Deer Hunting The extra barel length of a 9mm carbine adds between 100 and 200 fps more velocity to a 9mm load. That makes it about 25 percent more powerfull. The Extreme Defender ammo which usually leaves a pistol at around 1,400 fps can go up to 1,600 fps in a carbine.
What is the best hunting ammo?
  • Remington Core-Lokt. This is among the best ammo for hunting whitetail deer because it comes in a number of different calibers and in both loaded and component form. Hunters who have used this have commented on its ability to get the job done no matter how big or small the deer.
What is the most common ammo for deer hunting?
  • . 30-30 Winchester. The …
  • . 30-06 Springfield (308) ...
  • . 270 Winchester…
  • . 243 Winchester…
  • . 223 Remington…
  • . 300 Winchester Magnum…
  • 6.5 Creedmoor. Originally developed for competition shooters, the 6.5 Creedmoor is a relative newcomer to the hunting community…
  • . 350 Legend.
What kind of ammo do you use for deer?
  • It takes 2 1/2 inch .410 shells and rifle comes with a 5 round magazine. Recently I had a chance testing the grouping of .410 ammo to make the final decision whether I would be taking this into the field for deer hunting preserve. I started with ATI’s factory .410 ammo and added Remington’s Slugger then finishing with some Winchester SuperX.
What kind of ammo is used for deer hunting?
  • Federal Premium Trophy Copper ammunition is another choice of lead free 7mm-08 hunting ammunition for use in states like California that that don’t permit the use of lead bullets. Ballistic Coefficient (G1): .489 The 7mm-08 Remington is a popular cartridge for new, small framed, and or recoil shy hunters.
Is 243 ammo good for deer hunting?

243 Winchester is a great deer hunting cartridge, it's also extremely effective on predators and varmints as well.

Is 5.56 ammo good for deer hunting?

223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO. It's the most common and popular round for the AR platform. The . 223 Remington and its military counterpart the 5.56x45mm NATO, are versatile rounds you can use for multiple forms of hunting, including deer.

What ammo is best for duck hunting?
  • Winchester Xpert High Velocity Steel. Check Price.
  • Boss Bismuth. Check Price.
  • Federal Speed Shok. Check Price.
  • Apex Waterfowl Tungsten/S3 Steel Blend. Check Price.
  • Kent Fasteel 2.0. Check Price.
  • HeviShot Hevi XII. Check Price.
What is the best 22 lr ammo?
  • Top 6 Best 22LR Ammo Reviews Remington .22 LR Thunderbolt Ammunition. Remington .22 LR Ammo is perfect for target shooting and plinking… CCI® .22 Stinger Rimfire Ammunition… Remington .22 LR Golden Bullet Rimfire Ammunition… Winchester® .22 36 gr… Winchester .22 40 gr… Federal .22LR Auto Match Ammunition…
What is the best ammo for coyote?
  • A shot gun will be the ideal firearm to use for coyote hunting. This is especially if you are hunting in thick cover. For ammo, the best ammo is to use the .223 Winchester round. Apart from the right ammo, it is also important to have a rifle with a good scope such as best scope for ruger 10 22.
What is the best ammo for hogs?
  • Best Ammunition for Hog Hunting. ~ .280 Remington, which is a hand loader’s dream and great all-round hunting round effectively killing even huge wild hogs. ~ The .35 Remington has great terminal ballistics. Ensuring it is capable to take down large-bodied black bears thus recommended for hog hunting.
What is the best size slingshot ammo?
  • Top quality steel ball slingshot ammo in three of the most popular sizes. 3/8"/9.5mm is the most common size used for target shooting and competition slingshot tournaments. 7/16"/11mm is excellent for both target and small game hunting and 1/2"/12.7mm is outstanding for the field and hunting.
What kind of ammo do you use for deer hunting?
  • With this 350 Legend, you have the option of shooting 150-grain Deer Season XP ammunition that has the power to take big bucks right off their feet. I shot a big Nebraska mule deer last season and a beautiful Montana whitetail where this truly shined. The best part is the 350 Legend is a straight-walled cartridge.
Can you shoot a deer with 7.62x39 ammo?
  • There is nothing wrong with shooting deer with 7.62x39 ammo. Most deer are taken at 100 yards or less and there is plenty of power to do the job. If you can't hit with your rifle you shouldn't be hunting.