What is rabbit hunting in poker world?




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🌐 What is rabbit hunting in poker?

In poker, "rabbit hunting" refers to when a player will peek at the upcoming cards in the deck following the completion of a hand… This player is obviously curious as to how the hand would have turned out, so they request to see which two cards would have been dealt if they had decided to go all-in as well.

🌐 What does rabbit hunting mean in poker?

“Rabbit hunting” is a feature both in live and online games where players request to see the remainder of the board runout after already folding. For example, if we fold a flush draw on the turn in Hold'em, but want to see whether we would have hit, we can rabbit hunt.

🌐 What is rabbit hunting in poker games?

Rabbit hunting is poker slang that’s used to describe running out the rest of the hand even though the actual hand has concluded. Players generally ‘rabbit hunt’ to see if they would have made a particular hand or not. Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re playing some no limit holdem. You raise before the flop and only one opponent calls. The flop comes and you bet. Your opponent ...

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Rabbit hunting is the practice of looking at what cards would have been dealt next when a hand ends before showdown. Most of us have probably done it in home games.

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by Staff. Rabbit hunting is poker slang that’s used to describe running out the rest of the hand even though the actual hand has concluded. Players generally ‘rabbit hunt’ to see if they would have made a particular hand or not.

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