What can you hunt with a 30-06?

Hilario Beatty asked a question: What can you hunt with a 30-06?
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  • Regardless of the exact .30-06 hunting rifle you choose, it is capable of ethically taking a wide variety of game animals like mule and whitetail deer, pronghorn, black bear, feral hogs, elk, mountain goat, sheep, moose, sheep, zebra, kudu, zebra, eland, red stag and dozens of other species.

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Black bear, wild hog, moose, elk, deer to African water buffalo.. There is not much you can't kill with a 30-06. The round has been used for over a hundred years in America, In military theater to hunting your food. A person can't go wrong with this caliber, you can pick it up anywhere ammo is sold.

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