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🌐 Basset hound animal?

The basset hound is a breed of dog.

🌐 The oldest basset hound?

My Basset Hound is almost 18... Vets don't know how he is this old but says he has the health of a 2 year old dog

🌐 What is a basset hound?

A basset hound is a short-legged breed of dog in the hound family.

🌐 Do you captalize basset hound?


🌐 Picture of basset hound or dachshund?

Basset Hound Daushund

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How to draw a basset hound! tutorial!

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Learn to draw a bassett hound - easy line drawing lesson to teach to kids | colour wheel arts

Video answer: How to draw a basset hound puppy dog easy 🦴❤️

How to draw a basset hound puppy dog easy 🦴❤️

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How to draw a basset hound dog || drawing of a puppy dog

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What is the price of a basset hound puppy?

  • A purebred basset hound that comes from a reputable breeder can cost anywhere from $300 to $800, and this will depend on the breeder, the location, the age of the dog, quality and its bloodline. A basset hound that has show potential or AKC registration can cost $800 to more than $1,700. For instance,...

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What is the life span of a basset hound?

The life span of a Basset Hound is 8 - 12 years.

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Does a basset hound have a long or stubby tail?

A basset has a long tail. Save

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How much should a 13 week old basset hound weigh?

My basSet hound puppy is 13 1/2 lbs and weighs 9 lbs

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What is a rottweiler and a basset hound mix called?

I own a Rottweiler/Basset Hound mix....I call him a Rott-N-Basset.

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What is a good name for a female basset hound?

Lucille is a great name for a Basset Hound that is a girl.

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What is a good name for a male basset hound?

Wilbur or Walter for a male basset hound are great names.

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What is the name of the basset hound in aristocats?


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What year did the american kennel club accept the basset hound?

The American Kennel Club accepted (recognized) the Basset Hound in 1885.

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What is the difference between a basset hound and a bloodhound?

A blood hound has longer legs than a basset and a stronger sense of smell (the best, actually, of all dogs). According to wikipedia the modern basset hound was bred from a bloodhound and another type of basset.

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What was the name of the basset hound in smokey the bandit?

The basset hound's name was Fred

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What is the most common use of the basset hound in the us?

Hunting Rabbits

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What is the kingdom phylum class order genus species of a basset hound?

What's the phylum of basset hound

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What breed of coon hound is huckleberry hound?

I'm pretty sure that he's a blue tick hound.

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Do basset hounds howl?

Usually they do, but mine doesn't. If you search 'Basset Hound howl' in YouTube, the 2nd video is really funny... (it's just a basset hound howling for like 5 minutes!) :)

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Who is hound?

Hunter dog is called hound.

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Are basset hounds good hunters?

Great small game hunters in the open basset sometimes is a pain hunting because he can't get over a log or large rock.

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A type of hound?

Basset, greyhound, dachund, blood hound

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What is the difference between a ibizan hound and a pharaoh hound?

there is loads of differences they don't even look similar! this is an ibizan houndhttp:/ this is a Pharaoh hound

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What was the young hound called in the fox and the hound?


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What was the hound dog's name in the fox and the hound?

A hunting dog named Copper

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What is the name of blue tick hound red tick hound cross?

It may be a full blooded English Coonhound.

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Do basset hounds shed a lot?

The Basset Hound is a constant shedder.

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What are basset hounds used for?

theyre used for hunting rabbiets

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Where to basset hounds originate from?

Basset hounds originate from Europe, where they were PUREBRED and used as rabbit and raccoon hunting-dogs. Now, they have been brought to North America, and are very good with children. They are not really used for hunting anymore. They make great pets!

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Do basset hounds have web feet?

No. Basset Hounds are dogs bred for hunting. They are pawed animals like all dogs.

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How long do basset hounds live?

  • Expected Life Span. While it's impossible to predict how long an individual Basset Hound will live, the expected life span for a well-bred and well-cared-for Basset Hound is 10 to 14 years with an average of 12 years.

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Is a tick hound real?

Yeah, if you mean Blue or Red Tick Coon Hounds.

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What is a beagle hound?

A beagle is a beautiful dog! His size is medium and it's a hunting dog. His basic colors are: white-black-brown, white-light brown

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What is a pharaoh hound?

its a dog its bald and its from mexico

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What is a hunting hound?

  • A hound is a type of hunting dog used by hunters to track or chase prey.

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Are hound dogs popular today?

Yes, they are popular as they can be used in hunting.

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What is a lion hound?

  • Lion hound is about a person that raises a bunch of hound dogs and the hound dogs job is to chase anything that is terrorizing a village or just needs to be chased off or away from a village. If you like dogs and mountain lions then this is a book for u because it has both things in it.

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What is a hound hunt?

  • Our hound hunts are a thrilling blend of hound and hunter skills, with exciting non-stop action. We follow a bear wherever it leads us in the deep woods of Maine. When the chase is on our truck is in high gear. We ride through territory most people would never dream possible.

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What are basset hounds good at hunting?

But they are scent hounds, bred for hunting, and have a keen nose and hunting instinct. Basset hounds are excellent at picking up a scent and tracking it to locate game. Many Basset owners use them to hunt rabbits, as they are great at picking up the trail and highly motivated to follow it.

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Are beagles a mix with basset hounds?

No, the basset hound is the smallest hound in the hound family. The basset hound has short stubby legs, long droopy ears, sad looking droopy eyes. The Basset hound may look sad often but it is just the dogs look, he could be very happy at the moment, his tail will wag if he is. The hounds in the hound family are the basset hound, the beagle, the blood hound

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Whatis the basset hounds country of origin?

The Basset Hound first originated in France.

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Can a hound outrun a fox?

I honestly don't think so. The only dogs that can outrun a fox are greyhounds and lurchers. Other dogs usually kill a fox by cornering it or exhausting it. Foxes try to hide when they can, but dogs are good at sniffing them out.

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What is a male hound called?

A male hound is called a dog

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What is a young hound called?

A young hound is called a pup All baby dogs are called puppies regardless of their breed.

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What does a hound dog do?

Historically hounds are used for hunting.

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What is a long eared hound?

Basset Hound, or Red Bone Hound

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What is a beagle hound dog?

  • Beagle Hound Dog. A Beagle is sometimes referred to as a Beagle Hound Dog. This is because all purebred canines are classified into a particular group. The hound dog group consists of breeds that all share the same trait as having been used as hunting companions… They would track and/or make chase.

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What is a blue tick hound?

a dog that is blue sometimes sometimes has dark blue spots

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What is the best coon hound?

a black & tan is probably the best for hunting coon, if you know how to work with them. English redticks are pretty good. walkers are crappy.

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What are facts about hound dogs?

  • The Hound dogs are well know as fantastic hunting dogs, bred primarily to seek and hunt prey! Hound dogs hunt either by sight or sound, but all have one trait in common, stamina. Many Hound dogs make very good companions.

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What are hound dogs kept for?

  • As such, they are mainly kept for hunting! Let us look at the common characteristics that each of the hound’s shares, and what everything you will need to know about Hound Dogs. Typically, hound dogs are kept for hunting due to their acute sense of hearing and smell.

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Type of hound starts with letter b?

Beagle Basset Blood(hound) Bluetick

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What is hound dog on a hog?

hound dog hog

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What is meant by the term hound?

It is a word for a kind of dog. It comes from the Germanic, and in Germanic languages it is the general term for a dog. In English, though, it refers to those breeds of dog used for hunting and tracking.

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