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🌐 Can you shoot 7mm remington in 7mm weatherby rifle?

NO The ammunition must match the marking on the Barrel exactly. If you do it is an accident waiting to happen.

🌐 What is the best 7mm rifle?

  • First Place: 7mm Weatherby Magnum, 47.1 Points…
  • Second Place: 28 Nosler, 44.0 Points…
  • Third Place: 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum, 42.6 Points…
  • Fourth Place: 7mm Winchester Short Magnum, 41.6 Points…
  • Fifth Place: 7mm Remington Magnum, 41.3 Points…
  • Sixth Place: 7mm Shooting Times Westerner, 40.8 Points.

🌐 Can you use a 7mm-08 round in a 7mm rifle?

NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danger, danger, danger.

🌐 Can you shoot a 7mm remington mag in a 7mm weatherby rifle?

DO NOT DO THIS!!!! The OAL on the 7mm Mag is 2.5 inches and the 7mm Weatherby is 2.55 inches. SInce they headspace on the belt, and due to the freebore in the Weatherby, the 7mm Mag may chamber in the Weatherby. SAAMI lists the 7mm Mag/7mm Weatherby as an unsafe combination one will probably chamber in the other. DO NOT SHOOT UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT AMMUNITION!!!!

🌐 How much does a 7mm rifle cost?

Anywhere from $100 to a few thousand- depends on which 7mm rifle- and which 7mm cartridge- there ARE several different one.

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Video answer: Hunting deer with 7mm 08 and 300 win mag in new zealand # 11

Hunting deer with 7mm 08 and 300 win mag in new zealand # 11

Video answer: Deer hunting | indiana big buck killed with a muzzleloader! (#212) @growingdeer.tv

Deer hunting | indiana big buck killed with a muzzleloader! (#212) @growingdeer.tv

Video answer: 5 best hunting rifle cartridges for new hunters

5 best hunting rifle cartridges for new hunters

Video answer: Good deer hunting caliber for new hunters in southern california

Good deer hunting caliber for new hunters in southern california

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What is the value of a interarms mark x 7mm rifle?

100-450 USD

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What is the value of a sako a5 7mm mag rifle?

100-1000 USD

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What caliber rifle is between a 7mm mag and a 338?

30/06 is one

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What is a sako deluxe aii rifle worth in 7mm-08?

Depending on condition, accessories, etc.. 100-1000 or so

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What rifle is better the browning 7mm-08 or the remington?

Personally I think the 7mm ultra mag is the best choice of weapon. It really depends on what you are doing with it. The 7mm ultra mag has very little drop and is an excellent long range weapon.

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Rifle that says western arms corp made by pfeifer rifle co it also has 7mm stamped on the receiver can it use a 7mm mauser cartridge?

You will need to take it to a gunsmith to know for sure.

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What is the value of a smith and wesson 7mm mag rifle?

100-500 USD

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Which rifle is the most powerful the 7mm or a 30-06?

Define 7mm. Do you mean 7mm Mauser ( a little less than 30-06), or 7mm Magnum, (a bit more than 30-06)

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Who can you contact about a damage rifle barrel for a 7mm magum?


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What cartrige is larger 7mm remington magnum or the 30-06 remington rifle cartrige?

The 7mm Remingtonn is longer. The 30/06 has a larger projectile.

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What caliber is a 7mm-08?

The cartridge known as the 7mm-08 was derived from the .308 Win (7.62x51mm). The casing mouth is necked down from the original 7.62mm (.308") to 7mm (roughly .280").

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What grain 7mm-08 for hog hunting?

Yes, the 7mm-08 Remington is A GOOD CHOICE for hog or wild boar hunting, under average conditions, from a mid-range distance, with a medium grain expanding bullet, and with correct shot placement.

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Did savage arms produce 7mm-08 rifles?

Yes. I have a Savage Model 110 7mm-08. I don't think they make it in this model anymore, but they do make 7mm-08 in other models.

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Is a 7mm-08 a good caliber?

It's basically impossible to answer the question as you asked it. Good for what?

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What is larger 7mm ammo or 308 ammo?

The .308 has a larger DIAMETER bullet, being 7.62 mm (versus 7mm) However, SOME 7mm cartridges may be longer than the .308, such as the 7mm Magnum.

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Is the 7mm 08 a good hunting cartridge?

  • Nonetheless, the 7mm-08 remains an excellent choice as a hunting cartridge, and a decent choice for a target cartridge for those who stay inside of 1,000 yards, maybe a bit more.

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Can a 7mm magnum be used for hunting?

  • Due to the 7mm RM offering an excellent blend of high velocity with high BC bullets, reduced wind drift, enough bullet weight and caliber for hunting most game along with recoil that is easily managed by most shooters, its acceptance remains broad. I have used it on many big-game hunts and have never been disappointed.

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Which leupold rifle scope is best for use with a winchester model 70 featherweight compact in a 7mm-08 caliber?

I use a 2.5-8x36 VX3...

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Which is better a remington magnum or a 7mm?

  • In my opinion, for a hunter who spends most of his or her time hunting whitetails, and only occasionally hunts larger game, the 7mm-08 Remington makes a better choice than does the bigger 7mm Remington Magnum.

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Can you use a 7mm for deer hunting in indiana?

Is it legal to hunt deer with a rifle in Indiana?

  • The Indiana Department of Natural Resources floated the idea of legalizing rifles for deer hunting in 2014. The agency allowed sportsmen to comment on it through the agency's web site, and DNR spokesman Phil Bloom says most of the 400 comments regarding rifles for deer hunting were in favor.

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Is a sniper rifle a rifle?


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What makes a rifle a carbine rifle?

A carbine is generally a rifle with a shorter barrel to make it easy to carry or to use indoors or from inside vehicles. (Example: M16 rifle; M4 carbine. Same basic weapon except one barrel is several inches shorter. Sometimes a "carbine" will also mean a weapon that looks like a rifle but shoots pistol-caliber ammunition or other weaker ammo. Example: M1 Garand .30 rifle; M1 .30 carbine (the carbine is several inches shorter, a few pounds lighter, and fires a much smaller weaker round, intended for close-range use only).

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Why do we rifle a rifle barrel?

The bore is rifled so as to put a spin on the bullet. This spinning gives a greater accuracy to the bullet, especially over that of a smooth bore.

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Will a 7mm-08 rem be ok for a canada deer hunt?

yes it sure would be good out to 350 yds with a 140 gr bullet

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Is the ruger precision rifle a good rifle?

  • With a decent scope, it will hit what you want. Modular – it can accept almost any AR furniture on the market, for further customization. In short, the Ruger Precision Rifle is a budget-friendly, highly accurate precision bolt action rifle that hits the mark when you need it to.

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What makes a rifle a good hunting rifle?

  • Good rifles will print some loads very well. Great rifles shoot all kinds of ammo well. This list is comprised of great rifles—shooters all. As you’ll see, some are made for competition, and some are made for hunting.

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Is the ar 15 rifle an adaptable rifle?

  • Consider this, black rifle haters: Adaptability: No rifle today is remotely as adaptable as the AR-15. From internals to furniture, barrels to buttstocks, the AR-15 can be tailored for any objective and any shooter, and many modern components are configurable on the fly to meet changing conditions or different shooters needs.

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Is a semiautomatic hunting rifle an assault rifle?

What is the best semi automatic rifle?

  • Ruger 10/22.
  • Ruger PC Carbine.
  • Kel-Tec Sub-2000.
  • Ruger AR-556.
  • Kel-Tec RDB.

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Can you shoot rifle slugs though rifle barrel?


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What makes a sniper rifle a sniper rifle?

A sniper rifle is commonly defined as semi-automatic or bolt action long gun, equipped with a scope, that is accurate to within a minute of angle. One minute of angle represents one inch at one hundred yards, two inches at two hundred yards and so on.

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Capare m4 rifle to m1a rifle accuracy etc?

About equal at ranges up to 300 m. Beyond that a slight advantage to M1A

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Is the.22 long rifle a good rifle?

  • As good as the .22 Long Rifle is though, it’s not perfect. Rimfire cartridges like the .22 Long Rifle (as well as the .17 HMR, .22 Short, and .22 WMR) are not as reliable as centerfire cartridges. For this reason, the .22 Long Rifle would not be my first choice for self-defense.

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Is the magnum rifle a good hunting rifle?

  • The faster magnums certainly have a place, but they’re tough on meat when the shots are close, and the recoil can be a factor for some shooters.

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Best hunting rifle?

It depends on what you're hunting. For most game animals, a 30-06 is a suitable choice. It is a very common caliber and almost ever gun manufacturer in the world makes one. If you hunt large animals like Buffalo or bears, a 40 or 45 may be a better choice. They are less common calibers, but a 30-06 is unlikely to drop a Buffalo or bear with one shot.

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Pig hunting rifle?

the smallest cal you should use would be a .243 but not something outragous like a .338 or some thing i hunt hogs with a 7mm-08.

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Ruger 22 rifle?

Not yet a question. Please reword and repost.

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Is an air rifle more powerful than co2 rifle?

Yes. Pump, Spring and PCP (PreCharged Pneumatic) are all more powerful than a C02 system

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How many shots does the rifle mans rifle hold?


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What does a sniper rifle need to be called a sniper rifle and not a rifle?

3 things.. accuracy,range,and persistence. a sniper can be any rifle or pistol of any caliber just some are alot better like the barrett but a sniper rifle needs to be accurate when you fire upon the target, it needs to continually hit that spot and it needs to do so from a good distance ill say 300 yards and more. also as it goes a sniper rifle is only as good as the handler.

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Which is better a sniper rifle or a hunting rifle?

  • If looking to choose between a Hunting Rifle and Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, one should consider the faster reload speed of the Hunting Rifle, but lack of a scope on it. Update v3.10: Introduced into the game in Uncommon and Rare versions. Update v9.20: Vaulted the Hunting Rifle in all rarities.

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Is a spring rifle as good as an air rifle?

A Spring rifle is an Air rifle. Air rifles use 4 different power plants. All 4 are Air Rifles. 1. Spring 2. Pump 3. C02 4. PCP

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What are the differences between rifle sight and rifle scope?

Sights are typically metallic, either a V notch at the rear, and a post at the front, or a peep sight (small hole in metal disk) at rear, post at front. A scope (short for telescope) is mounted to the rifle, and has a set of cross hairs that can be adjusted up/down and left/right. It has the effect of bringing the target closer. You adjust cross hairs so they are crossing where the bullet strikes. However, simple metal sights may be preferred to a scope in certain conditions- low light, snap shooting, etc. There ARE other sights, such as the "red dot" sight- they superimpose a dot on the image of your target (only in your view- not really on the target) Unlike a scope, most do not magnify the target image.

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Is a hunting rifle the same as an assault rifle?

Both semi-automatic hunting-style rifles and assault-style rifles can shoot one bullet each time the trigger is pulled… By far the biggest difference between traditional hunting style rifles and assault-style rifles is the clip, or magazine, that holds the bullets to be fed into the rifle's action.

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Is a semi automatic rifle better than an automatic rifle?

You'd need to define your criteria by which you define "better". Most military doctrines dictate that riflemen fire in semi-automatic, and are supported by automatic weapons. Which is "better" depends on purpose, typically.

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Can a hunting rifle be used as a sniper rifle?

  • The hunting rifle may be in the sniper rifle category, but you shouldn’t try to use it like you would the scoped guns. This rifle is at its best at medium-long range, which is a bit closer than you’re likely used to sniping at. Make sure you can clearly sight your enemy before you squeeze off a round.

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What is the recommended scope and ammo type for a stevens model 200 7mm?

The type of ammunition and scope is depedant upon the intended use of the rifle. If it is for hunting you should consider the Leupold Rifleman 3-9 x 40. The price new from Walmart is 200 dollars. This is an excellent scope for the money. As for ammunition, you have to find out what your rifle likes to shoot best. The only way to do that is to try various brands and makes and see which groups the best through your rifle. You could have two Stevens Rifles and one might shoot a particular brand in tiny little groups while the other might not shoot that brand well at all. For hunting you need a hunting bullet. There are many now so you have a wide wide choice. All of the premium hunting bullets are good but different ones are better for different game so if you are going after deer make sure the bullets you test are suitied for deer. After you have identified a few brands you want to try, take your rifle to the range and test shoot them. When you determine which brand and make your rifle shoots best go back to the store and get a few boxes of that stuff and hold on to it. You want to make sure its the same lot number as the one that tested well through your Stevens. Oh yeah, the ammo can vari from lot to lot. Good luck.

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What grain bullets are recommended for deer hunting with wsm model 70 7mm winchester?

On deer size game I would recommend that you shoot a bullet with a weight of between 140-154grs.for deer hunting.I load my brothers deer hunting ammo with the 140gr.Nosler partition and he has never had a failure yet on deer size game.Hornady also makes ammo with their interbond bullets that is first class.

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What type or brand of ammo to use in 1500 smith and wesson 7mm?

You may use any brand of 7mm Magnum rifle ammo.

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What is rifle technique?

  • Rifle-Firing Techniques: Practicing the Five Fundamentals. Practicing the Five Firing Fundamentals: There are five fundamental elements of rifle firing-aiming, breath control, movement control, trigger control, and follow-through. All of these elements work together as one process and should be practiced together in this way.

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Is hunting rifle vaulted?

Hunting Rifle was a Sniper Rifle in Battle Royale… However the Hunting Rifle has been added to the vault on 11.31 Content Update #3 once again because of Winterfest ending and the Presents! being vaulted. On Patch 12.00, the Epic and Legendary variants have been added to the game.

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