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🌐 How much powder is in a 50 cal rifle bullet?

The proper term is CARTRIDGE- bullet is the part of a cartridge that is fired from the barrel. There is no one answer to your question- it will depend of which .50 CAL cartridge- and then it depends on the loading of that particular cartridge (different bullet weights will have different powders/ amounts)

🌐 Which powder do you use in 44 cal black powder pistol?

For a 44 cal pistol (not revolver) between 20 and 30 grains of 3F black powder or black powder substitute (like pyrodex or goex pinical) should do the trick. You will have to adjust the load to do what you want and to shoot the distance you want, but that should get you started. The above answer is stupid. Since most black powder pistols ARE revolvers. Fill the cylinder half full or a little more, if you do not want to play around with a grain counter,waste of time.

🌐 Revolver rifle black powder all caliber's?


🌐 What kind of black powder do you use in a black powder colt 36 cal 1858 pistol?

Either FFFg black powder or Pyrodex P may be used.

🌐 Is the remington model 700 black powder rifle good?


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Kentucky 50 caliber black powder rifle review

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Masterclass on the muzzle loading percussion rifle - part 2 safety with black powder.

Video answer: Black powder rifle at 800 to 1,000 yds movie

Black powder rifle at 800 to 1,000 yds movie

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Austin & halleck .50 black powder rifle

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What powder did a flinkton rifle take?

Black Powder. When the brass cartridge was developed, it also used Black Powder. But the metal used to make the rifle barrels became stronger so they could take more pressure. An improved powder was developed that burned hotter and was smokeless; thus it was called Smokless Powder.

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Can you go to jail for hunting with a black powder rifle as a felon?

Yes. A black powder rifle is a "firearm" under the definition of USC Title 18. ** Most blackpowder weapons do not fall under the definition of a firearm. So whoever gave the answer above is partially wrong.*** The above addendum is INCORRECT: Read the statute! It specifically addresses black powder arms. Felons ARE prohibited their ownership or possession.

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How much ffg powder load for a 44 caliber black powder revolver?

fill it all the way up get 1000 fps no worry about blowing up

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What is needed for black powder hunting?

50 caliber brass cleaning brush, a . 50 caliber cotton cleaning swab, a fire channel brush, a brass extension jag, and 100 cleaning patches… If you're looking for a great place to start as a new muzzleloader hunter, buy one of these kits.

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Value of antique hawkins 50 caliber rifle?

Made in spain,custom build

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Can you name one 50 caliber rifle?

Yes, I can. A Barrett M107 is a .50 caliber sniper rifle.

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Was a 50 cal sniper used in world war 2?

No. The standard sniper rifle for the US was the 1903 Springfield, mounted with a telescopic sight. Later a version of the M-1 was scope mounted as well. All other nations that had snipers used their standard infantry rifle mounted with a telescopic sight.

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What rifle scope can you mount for a 50 caliber rifle?

There are numberous ones. The only limitation is your bank account.

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When was the black powder hunting cartridge made?

  • It is quite revealing that Whelen included that information in 1923 – almost 30 years after the introduction of the much higher velocity commercial smokeless hunting cartridges like the .30-30 and .303 Savage. It shows that even at that later date, the old black powder cartridge still had a following.

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What cal is ak47 type rifle iac47w and iac74w?

Should be 7.62x39

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What is the best 270 cal rifle to buy?

"Best" rifle is a very subjective term, and can open up a LONG discussion- different people will have different favorites- based on their experiences and personal preferences. Winchester, Browning, Ruger, Remington, and Savage have all made .270 cal rifles, along with a host of European makers. You may love the Winchester Mdl 70, and I may love my Browning BAR, and Fred will think his Accu-trigger Savage is the best rifle ever made. Strange thing is- we would ALL be right. A benchrest rifle will be too heavy to carry hunting, an autoloader may be a great hunting rifle in Virgina, but not allowed in Pennsylvania, etc. There is no single mainstream gun maker I would shy away from, and if you find the rifle that fits your shoulder, and your wallet, you will be convinced that THAT rifle is the BEST 270 ever made. Good luck in your search- and have fun searching.

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How many rounds does a 35 cal rifle hold?

Depends on who made it and in what configuration.

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How far does a 177 cal air rifle shoot?

It all depends on the rifle, pellet and power source.

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Did stevens make a 22 cal semi auto rifle?

Yes- several different models. Nice hunting rifles.very nice

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When was the barrett 50 sniper rifle invented?

The Barret 50.cal sniper rifle was invented in 1982.

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Is the tac 50 sniper rifle for novices?

Yes, the TAC 50 sniper rifle is for learners and novices.

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Is it illegal in ohio to own a 50 cal sniper bullet?

The bullet itself - no.

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Can you carry a black powder handgun in tn?

If you have a handgun carry permit, definitely. The handgun carry permit covers "any handgun that you legally own or posses."

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Does any company make 58 caliber black powder pellets?

don't believe any such item as 58 cal. black powder pellets. but, there is a 58 cal. slug for the 58 cal. black powder rifle

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What is your rifle worth remington model 8 25 cal?

The value of this rifle is based on the amount of original finish remaining on your rifle in a percentage amount,and a good bore.If your rifle has 60% original finish remaining it is valued at 400 dollars,up to 1,150 dollars for a fine example with 90% original finish remaining.You can also add a 25% premium for your rifle because it is chambered in .25 remington.

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What company made the barret 50 caliber sniper rifle?

You probably just said it. A Winchester 30-30 caliber rifle is made by Winchester.

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How far can a 50 caliber sniper rifle shoot?

The effective range on the M107 Sniper rifle is listed as 2,000 yards, which is just over a mile. It can go this far because of the velocity and momentum it has to hit it target.

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How much is a model 78 -270 cal worth hunting rifle?

50-500 USD depending on specifics

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How old is marlin model 98 22 cal bolt action rifle?

Marlin made a model 98 semi-auto .22cal rifle from 1957-1959.They also made a model 980 bolt action .22cal rifle from 1962-1970.They did not make a model 98 bolt action rifle in .22caliber.

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Will a 30.06 caliber round work in a 30 cal rifle?

Only if chambered in 30/06

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Can a 5mm pellet be fired in a .177 cal rifle?

No. a 177 is a 4.5mm pellet. A 5mm is a 20 cal pellet. A 5.5mm is a 22 cal pellet Don't try it in the wrong airgun.

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What is the bullet drop of a 22 cal long rifle?

There too many variables to give one answer- the drop is not even over distance, since the bullets begin to slow quite a bit at distances greater than 150 yards, It will vary depending on the speed of the bullet- and that varies by make, by bullet weight, and whether fired from a rifle, pistol, or revolver. When zeroed for 100 yards ,the trajectory of the standard high-velocity .22 LR with a 40-grain bullet has a 2.7-inch rise at 50 yards , and 10.8 inches drop at 150 yards .

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Can a 22 cal air rifle with pba pellets kill someone?

Definitely Yes it can.

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Can a felon carry a black powder pistol in tennessee?

Of course they can carry one, that does not mean they are allowed to do so.

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What's the cost of a barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle?

5-10K or more

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What caliber rifle for black bear hunting?

For black bears, in country where there is no grizzly presence, the popular deer and elk cartridges will certainly work very well; a . 308 Winchester or . 30-06 Springfield loaded with a 165- or 180-grain spitzer bullet will handle black bears.

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What is a 300 black out rifle?

  • The 300 blackout is basically designed for military use as an assault rifle with the M4 as its original platform. With the goal of producing a replacement for the U.S. H&K MP5 SSD sub-machine gun, the outcome is a short barreled AR rifle type that can fire full auto 9mm even with a suppressed barrel.

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How good of a rifle is marlin revelation model 120 cal.22?

Reliable and solid performer

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How do you reassemble your remington 22 cal model 12a pump rifle?

You need to find a good gunsmith

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How do you take apart a staghorn magnum 50 caliber rifle?

Best left to a gunsmith

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Is it legal to hunt with a 50 caliber sniper rifle?

It may be, but there'll be restrictions on things such as magazine capacity, types of ammunition you'd be allowed to use, etc., much the same as with any other hunting rifle. What you'd be hunting with one... maybe a safari hunt in Africa, in which case, you'd probably run into laws prohibiting possession or ownership of weapons chambered in military calibres.

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What is the best black bear hunting rifle?

  • For hunting black bear in such conditions, a rifle chambered for a belted magnum cartridge of .264, .270, 7mm or .300 caliber will do nicely. So will standard calibers in the .270 Win. and .280 Rem. class. My favorite long range black bear rifle, for example, is a Weatherby Vanguard Deluxe in 7mm Remington Magnum.

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Can you deer hunt in ny with a 223 cal semi auto rifle?

New York State does not have a caliber requirement for deer, except to say that rimfire rounds may not be used. A semi auto rifle used for deer hunting may not hold more than six rounds.

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Can you legally hunt deer in georgia with a 22 cal rimfire rifle?

No. Georgia law requires rifles or handguns used for deer to be 22 cal CENTERFIRE or larger, with an expanding bullet. While .220 Swift, or 22-250 is legal (with the right bullets) a 22 Long Rifle (rimfire) is NOT legal.

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Can a 22 cal air rifle kill a wild pig at 950 fps?

Yes. But you had best hit it in the head and use a heavy pellet (Pellets come in different weights). Also use hunting (Hollow point ) pellets. Be repaired to give it a second shot as the kill shot.

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Is there a 22 cal rifle that will shoot 22 short ammo along with the long and long rifle?

Most .22 BOLT action, pump and LEVER action rifles that are fed from a tube magazine will handle shorts, longs, and long rifles. Remington produced several auto loaders that wil handle mixed ammo- the Remington 550 may be the best known.

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Can you deer hunt in ny. state with a 223 cal. semi auto rifle?


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What kind of bullets would you recommend to use on a 22 cal rifle?

blazer .22 you can get 500 for $20 dollars and they are good for both target and hunting.

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How much is a 1962 national match m1a 308 cal springfield armory rifle worth?

How much is a 1962 national match m1a 308 cal springfield armory rifle worth?

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How much is a connecticut valley arms 32 caliber black powder revolver worth?

a32 caliber black power connecticut a thousand dollar

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Where to find a clip for a small 84 cal long rifle made in italy?

Take the rifle to a gun shop so they can figure out what make, model and caliber rifle you have. There is no 84 caliber long rifle.

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How much is a mint condition colt black powder revolver dated sept 10 1850 worth?

You must seek the services of a qualified appraiser

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How old is your dikar spain derringer revolver 45 caliber black powder serial number 277222?

It may be a derringer, OR a revolver, but not both. The single shot .45 Derringer that has Dikar or Jukar on the barrels was a popular import from Spain in the 1970s.

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50 caliber bullet?

what type bullet in 50 cal

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Can you shoot 22 cal pellets with a 177 cal pellet pistol?

No it will jam in the barrel.

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