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🌐 What is a 45 long colt bullet?

  • Commonly called the .45 Long Colt (LC), the overall length of the round is 1.6 inches. It features a large pistol primer and is pressurized to 14,000 pounds per square inch (psi). According to Cartridges of the World , the original .45 Colt cartridge featured about 40 grain (gr) of blackpowder and a 255 gr lead bullet.

🌐 Is a 45 long colt good for deer hunting?

  • Historically, it was never chambered in rifles. The modern sport of cowboy action shooting has resulted in.45 Colt carbines being offered for the first time. Although it will kill deer at very short range, the.45 LC is a poor choice for deer hunting . Okay, now you know what cartridges not to choose for deer hunting.

🌐 What bullet does a colt 45 fire?

Various weights.

🌐 How old is colt 45 handgun serial number 30506?

first you will have to furnish type of handgun. revolver, pistol ??? then the MODEL....

🌐 Is the 45 colt leverevolution round safe for hunting?

  • The new LEVERevolution® round is loaded to SAAMI spec pressure so it’s safe for all 45 Colt firearms, AND the specially designed FTX™ bullet delivers exceptional terminal performance that makes it a great choice for hunting.

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Video answer: Henry 45-70 gov’t first look 😲😲 #shorts

Henry 45-70 gov’t first look 😲😲 #shorts

Video answer: 4570 govt sighting in - styrka s3 red dot

4570 govt sighting in - styrka s3 red dot

Video answer: Big 5 x 5 buck shot with a marlin 45-70 lever action rifle and a 400 grain bullet.

Big 5 x 5 buck shot with a marlin 45-70 lever action rifle and a 400 grain bullet.

Video answer: Top 5 deer hunting rounds

Top 5 deer hunting rounds

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What is length of ar15 colt sporter?

@ 40 inches.

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What is a colt government 911 a1?

I think you mean colt 1911A1 which was the US military handgun from 1911 to about 1985.

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What is a colt serial number 76287?

better to indicate if your firearms is a rifle, carbine, pistol ??? if pistol, is it a cap and ball or cartridge ????????? also the model which is written on the barrel..........

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Does colt make a 22 caliber handgun?

Yes, colt makes a few different versions of the 22 caliber handgun such as the Woodsman, and Challenger.

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Value of 1942 military colt 1911a 1?

A few hundred to a few thousand depending on condition, configuration, originality of parts.

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Is an m16 a 45 caliber weapon?

Noop. an M16 fires a 5.56mm (or .223 caliber) bullet. A .45 caliber shoots a bullet that is ~11.43mm.

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Is a 45 a good hunting caliber?

45-70 is an ideal cartridge for hunting deer, black bear, feral hogs, moose, brown bear, and other big game in thick woods or heavy cover where short range shots (>100 yards) are common.

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Who makes the strongest 45-70 rifle?

Ruger No 1

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How accurate is a 45-70 rifle?

45-70 is a very accurate round, it is difficult to shoot at longer ranges because the slow velocity and low ballistic coefficient of the bullet combine to produce a pretty steep trajectory. At ranges past about 200 yards, precise range estimation and applying the proper hold over become extremely important.

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Can a civilian purchase mil spec ar15 colt?

Not really.

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Why is samuel colt important for the history?

he invented the first handgun

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What is a colt 380 mustang black stallion?

It is a .380 ACP caliber handgun produced by Colt Arms. It is a .380 ACP caliber handgun produced by Colt Arms.

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Website address for troubleshooting colt ar 15 rifle?

Try AR15.com Try AR15.com

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What is a colt ultra 10mm worth ue057?

The Colt Ultra 10mm, UE057, is valued at $1,299 in good condition. It was custom made by Colt in 1989.

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How much does the colt delta elite hurt?

buy one from a camping and hunting goods store, have someone shoot you and find out!

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How many parts in a colt 1911 handgun?

Which model? It matters.

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What calibers did colt make for the ar15?

222, 223 and 9mm

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What bullet needed for 32 caliber colt revolver?

No way to answer without knowing what end result you are looking for. Target shooting, hunting, plinking, etc..?

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What is a colt nickel anodized ar 15?

No such thing. Colt did make some AR15's in electroless nickel.

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What is the most powerful 45 acp ammo?

  • Winchester 230-Grain Ranger T-Series. Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore.
  • Federal 230-Grain HST. Brownells.
  • Remington 185-Grain Golden Saber +P. Ammunition Store.
  • Magtech 230-Grain Bonded. MidwayUSA.
  • Speer 185-Grain Gold Dot…
  • Speer 230-Grain Gold Dot Short Barrel…
  • Hornady 200gr XTP.

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Is the 45-70 a good hunting rifle?

These rifles are often easy to carry, whether on foot or on horseback, and are quick to mount and fire. For these reasons, the . 45-70 is an ideal cartridge for hunting in thick woods or heavy cover where short-range shots (less than 100 yards) are common.

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What brand ammo is best for a 45?

  • Best .45 ACP Ammo for the Range Federal Premium 230 gr .45 Auto American Eagle. American Eagle is a Federal Premium brand so, as we already discussed, it's backed by one of the biggest names in ammo. CCI .45 ACP 230 gr Blazer Brass… Magtech .45 Auto 230 gr FMC…

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Can you hunt with a.45 acp handgun?

  • There are times when hunting with a .45 ACP handgun isn’t advisable. Each state has specific laws about hunting, including when you can hunt and with what type of weapon. Game wardens protect certain areas of the land and also enforce the rules that should be observed by hunters.

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Which 45 round is best for deer hunting?

The Best 45 ACP Ammo for Hunting

  • Federal Premium Trophy Bonded Tip Rifle Ammunition.
  • Hornady® Superformance™ Rifle Ammunition.
  • Nosler Partition.
  • Remington® Premier® Core-Lokt® Ultra Ammunition.

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Are 1911 pistols only chambered in 45 caliber?

the are also chambered for the 38 caliber, 9mm caliber and 22 caliber

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Do 45 caliber pistols have their own oxygen?


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What can i hunt with a 45-70?

45-70 is an ideal cartridge for hunting deer, black bear, feral hogs, moose, brown bear, and other big game in thick woods or heavy cover where short range shots (>100 yards) are common.

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Can you shoot a 45 lb recurve bow?

  • If a 45 lb bow is difficult for you, then you might want to prepare beforehand and plan accordingly. You might have to start with a lighter poundage bow and work your way up from that weight to a heavier weight, or until at least you can shoot the minimum draw weight for hunting with a recurve bow.

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Diameter vs caliber?

It's the same. The caliber of a bullet is its diameter.

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What is a colt ar-15 sp 1 electrolus?

Is it possible you mean an AR 15 made with an elcectroless nickel finish?

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What is the value of a colt 1969 ar15?

50- 1500 USD depending on specifics.

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What does a1 mean on a colt ar-15?

it was modified................

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What is a colt detective special 3 inch barrel?

A handgun that Colt made.

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What are all the numbers on a colt ar15?

The serial number and possibly on the bolt.

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What is the value of a colt ar 15?


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Colt police 38 positive what ammo do you use?

38 caliber revolver ammo

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What is a colt ar15 law enforcement rifle worth?

250-2500 USD depending on the EXACT model.

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What is the value of a used colt ar15?

100-1000 USD

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Can you convert a colt 22 ar15 to 223?

If it is one of the recent Colt .22LR AR15 rifles, then the answer is no - they are completely different internally.

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Is the colt ar-15 considered an assault weapon?

  • For military rifles capable of selective fire, see Assault rifle. For other uses, see Assault weapon (disambiguation). The Colt AR-15 carbine is a semi-automatic rifle chambered for fixed centerfire ammunition that fires one round each time the trigger is pulled. The weapon features a pistol grip and a flash suppressor.

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Is a 45-70 too big for deer hunting?

45-70 is too much gun for deer, then any modern blackpowder rifle of . 45 caliber or over would have to be considered "too much".

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Can 5.56 x 45 and 223 ammo be interchanged?

.223 Remington ammo can be safely cycled through a 5.56x45 chamber - 5.56x45 ammo should not be cycled through a .223 Remington chamber. Both types may be cycled through a .223 Wylde chamber, but .223 Wylde may only be cycled through a .223 Wylde chamber.

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Can you shoot a whitetail with a.45 acp?

  • Scoff if you must, but these three .45 ACP pistols are ready to buck the trend on whitetails. “Hunting deer with a handgun where you set a limit to 25 yards or less means you have to hone your stealth as much as your shot.”

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What was the purpose of the 45-70 rifle?

  • It proved itself not only on the battlefield, but in the fields and woods as well. As a hunting cartridge, the .45-70 showed that it was perfectly suited for any and all North American game, including the dwindling bison.

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How fast does a 45 lb recurve bow shoot?

With a 550 grain arrow my 50 lb bow shoots 183 fps with a fast flight string which I have shot for years with no problems. A 45 lb bow would lose probably 7-10 fps. You could make that up with a lighter arrow.

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How far can a 45 lb recurve bow shoot?

Bows of 45 to 55-pound draw weight will easily provide enough force to reach the vitals of a whitetail on a typical bow shot of 20 yards or less.

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Is the 45-70 caliber a good rifle cartridge?

  • Make no mistake: the .45-70 is capable of excellent accuracy in the right hands. The effective range of the cartridge is also quite a bit longer than many people probably think at first.

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What good is a 45 70 for deer hunting?

What is a 45 70 good for?

  • The .45-70 round is an excellent choice for short range, big game hunting. Plus, it can be used for longer range shooting by someone who knows a bit about windage and elevation. So, it’s a good all-around hunting round in various environments. And, of course, if you’re going hunting,...

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What is a 45 cal flintlock good for hunting?

45 caliber is excellent for deer hunting.. 54 is for bear and elk hunting. 45 has much higher velocity.

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What is the value of a colt ar15 model 614?


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