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🌐 Why are 44 magnum revolver for hunting?

44 Magnum was born when the late great Elmer Keith needed more power from a revolver. When loaded hot, this cartridge will take down any big-game animal in North America with a well-placed shot. While big-bore cartridges keep getting bigger, the . 44 Magnum holds its place as the Goldilocks of hunting calibers.

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🌐 Are .44 magnum rifles good?

I have shot no less than 2 dozen deer with the .44 magnum, and it is extremely effective on deer...using rifle or pistol...and I use both. It is actually a very good choice for deer. The recent development of Buffalo Bore .44 magnum and the Hornady LeverEvolution ammunition, has made this even more true now, than it was before. As for using them on any grizzly...while they are capable, they are most definitely not the best choice for the bigger west coast bears. Anyone who says they are good for grizzly bears, but not for deer has had very little hands on experience...and that is a stone cold fact. Step up to a rifle in the .358 Winchester, the .35 Whelen, the .444 Marlin, or the 45-70 heavy +P loads and you will do a whole lot better than the diminutive .44 magnum on the big bears...the .44 magnum is truly marginal for that sort of usage, and cannot be recommended. It depends on what you mean by good. If you are hunting deer, NO! If you are hunting grizzly bear...YES! Although any lower 40 caliber gun would get the job done on a grizzly.

🌐 What is more powerful 357 magnum or 44 magnum?

.44 Magnum

🌐 Can a 44 magnum rifle use 44 special ammo?

Yes. The 44 magnum can fire 44 special ammo in the same way a .357 magnum can use .38 Special.

🌐 What is the best 44 magnum?

  • Taurus Ultralight. The Ultralight is the best 44 magnum pistol for people who want a light weapon. It comes with the Taurus Security System for safety purposes, a fiber optic sight to help with aim, and a cushioned grip for comfort, but otherwise, it’s light on features.

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Slow motion worlds lightest 44 magnum

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The new 44 auto mag - return of the king! #44magnum #44automag

Video answer: New henry x model .44 magnum - first test firing!

New henry x model .44 magnum - first test firing!

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44 magnum ammo: the forgotten caliber history of 44 magnum ammo explained

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What the inside of a 357 magnum revolver airsoft gun looks like?

what does a .357 magnum revolver looks like?

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How much ffg powder load for a 44 caliber black powder revolver?

fill it all the way up get 1000 fps no worry about blowing up

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Is the 44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world?

  • The 44 Magnum was named from its parent case, the .44 special. The 44 Magnum became the 'most powerful handgun in the world' by lengthening the case, and making the cartridge more suitable for higher pressures. All this helped but a 300gr bullet out the end of the barrel at muzzle velocities approaching 1500 fps.

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What is the value of a armadeo rossi 44 magnum rifle?

Assuming the rifle is in good condition with no pitting of the bore and the blueing intact, you could expect to receive about $150 to $200 for it, depending upon which sights are fitted. Fitted with common open metal sights and with a good looking furniture (the wooden parts) I would pay about $150. This rifle is not a top of the line by any means, but it is excellent for occasional small game and even deer where your state permits hunting with the .44 Magnum (Rifle load). It is also a great personal defense gun if you are a good shot.

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What is more powerfull a 22 9 shot revolver or a 357 magnum?

The .357 Magnum is more powerful, all day long.

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What type of black powder do you use in a 44 cal revolver pistol?

Most recommend is 3F powder, either true black powder or the "synthetic" or black powder substitute equivalent and between 25 and 30 grains should due nicely.

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What is the value of a dan wesson hunting pack 44 magnum ctg serial 44b001963?

100-600 USD

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What is the value of a armi san marco 1860 colt army brass 44 caliber black powder revolver?

depending on condition $150 - $250

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What is older pistol or revolver?

A pistol is a generic term for hand gun. The revolver is older than the semi-automatic magazine fed hand gun. Revolver hand guns came into widespread use in 1836 when Samuel Colt patented his first design. The first real use of semi-automatic hand guns was in the 1890s.

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Revolver rifle black powder all caliber's?


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Can a winchester 1892 rifle 44 caliber use 44-40 ammo?


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Can you shoot a 44 special round in a 44 mag pistol?

Yes. The 44 special is a bit shorter than the 44 magnum, so it will fit in the cylinder of the 44 mag. The reverse won't work, however. A 44 mag cannot be fired in a revolver chambered for the 44 special because the 44 mag is too long and won't fit in the cylinder of the 44 special.

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Are all 357 cal magnum?

No, there are .357 caliber bullets that are not magnum, but they are in the minority.

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What is 357 magnum cartridge?

See the wikipedia article on the .357 Magnum cartridge. If you still have a question, ask us.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.357_Magnum

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What is a magnum gun?

A magnum gun is a gun that will shoot a magnum cartridge, and that cartridge will have magnum in its' name. It is just a moniker that infers more powerful cartridge, but the name itself has little or no significance...other than as a marketing tool. One that will propel a projectile at significantly more velocity than a regular one.

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What does 357 magnum mean?

The .357 part of the name means that the bullet diameter .357 inches. I do not know what the "Magnum" means in the name.

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When was 357 magnum introduced?

The very first .357 Magnum cartridge was introduced in 1934 by Smith and Wesson.

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What is the best revolver for hunting?

  • Taurus Raging Hunter…
  • Dan Wesson Kodiak…
  • Korth NXR …
  • Ruger Super Redhawk…
  • Nosler Model 48 Independence…
  • Glock G40 MOS…
  • Thompson/Center Encore Pro Hunter Pistol…
  • Smith & Wesson X-Frame Revolvers. The X-Frame revolvers are for experienced handgun shooters.

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What guns use 357 magnum ammo?

  • Series ALFA (Revolvers)
  • Smith & Wesson Model 13.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 340PD.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 586.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 619 & 620.
  • Smith & Wesson Bodyguard.
  • Smith & Wesson Centennial.
  • Smith & Wesson Ladysmith.

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Is the dodge magnum an suv?

No it is a station wagon.No it is a station wagon.

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Are all 3 inch shells magnum?

They are generally longer than the standard shells to accomodate more shot, for example all 3" shells and longer are considered magnums in the 12 ga as 2-3/4" is the base size.

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When was the 357 magnum invented?


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What is meant by crow magnum?

The Crow magnum (Eliminator) is a break barrel air rifle manufactured by Theoben (UK). It is a serious hunting rifle.

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What is a 357 magnum c?

Something chambered in .357

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Is a 22 magnum worth it?

22 Magnum is much smaller, and brings far less energy into the equation than traditional self-defense calibers, accurate shooting is vital… 22 Magnum for self-defense, and it's actually more viable than you might be tempted to think. If it's all you had, or if . 380, 9mm or .

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How powerful is a 357 magnum?

the .357 magnum is the 7th most powerful gun in the U.S. the ones above it starts at 500 smith and wesson,460 S&W,.50 action express,454 cassul, .44 magnum, 41 magnum, .357 magnm,ect

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What bullet needed for 32 caliber colt revolver?

No way to answer without knowing what end result you are looking for. Target shooting, hunting, plinking, etc..?

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What can you hunt with a 22 revolver?

. 22 LR rifles are primarily used to hunt rabbits, squirrels, rats, coyotes, raccoons, and birds up to and including turkeys on the ground. As long as a solid backstop, even a tree, is behind an animal on the ground, any .

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What is the best revolver for deer hunting?

  • Or this one: “The .30-06 is the best caliber for deer because it balances a large bullet with higher velocity.” Or even this one: “The 7mm Remington Magnum is the best caliber for deer hunting, as it has a flat trajectory over long distance and, as the venerable hunting writer Jack O’Connor,...

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What is a 44 special ammo?

  • All 44 Special Ammo. The 44 Special is over a century old cartridge designed for self-defense and frontiersman. 44 Special ammunition is known for being exceptionally accurate and to pack a potent punch. Available in bulk quantities for full metal jacket shooters, these rounds are large, but not overpowering from a recoil perspective.

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Is .357 magnum enough for deer hunting?

  • A properly loaded 357 mag will be enough for deer, given the range limitations and shot placement. The 357s by Ruger and Smith are good guns, just make sure you are getting enough barrel length.

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Is 357 magnum good for hunting deer?

357 Mag. is reliably lethal on deer as long as your hunting strategy is realistic, as I will explain. The . 357, in this image the Smith & Wesson Model 686, has plenty of knockdown power within 50 yards to take down deer and possibly further if you're confident with your abilities.

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How do you reassemble a 357 magnum?

Well, that'll be a bit difficult to say without knowing WHICH .357 Magnum you're referring to.

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Is there a 327 fed magnum rifle?

While there have been custom rifles built, or converted from 357 Magnum rifles, to the best of my knowledge, there is no maker producing a .327 Magnum rifle.

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Can a 22 magnum kill a bear?

In short, no. The 22mag may generate alot of muzzle energy in relation to its younger cousin the 22lr, but just won't penetrate or cause enough damage to a bear or lion.

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What is a browning magnum 20 gauge?

A shotgun.

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Is the taurus m44 a big magnum?

  • Big Steel — The Taurus M44 .44 Magnum. The .44 Magnum is something of a wonder cartridge. It is all that most of us are willing to handle in a sidearm. There is no sugarcoating the recoil of the big magnum—it can be brutal.

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Will a 22 magnum stop an intruder?

Yes. In fact the 22LR has a very good track record for stopping intruders. The 22LR can be used as a home defense weapon with appropriate ammo. Remember: Studies show that it usually takes two good hits to stop a fight.

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Will a 357 magnum kill a bear?

357 Magnum or other similar-caliber load, a well-placed shot with a good bullet will certainly kill a bear, but it's not recommended.

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Who make a caa windlaster 357 magnum?

The .357 magnum was developed in the 1930's as a response to the Colt .38. Several manufacturers produce .357 magnum firearms, including American, Double Tap, Federal, and Remington.

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Is there a 4 in barrel six shot revolver?

Yes, that is a fairly common barrel length.

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What ammo can be shot from 357 mag revolver?

38 Special and .357 Magnum.

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What is the best 44 mag ammo for hunting?

  • Best .44 Magnum Ammo 1. Black Hills 240gr. I have hunted many a whitetail with the .44 Magnum and put down many a feral hog as well. After... 2. Hornady Leverevolution 225gr. If you plan on hunting with .44 mag in a lever-action rifle, this is the best of the... 3. Hornady Critical Defense 165gr…

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Which is the most powerful hunting revolver on the market?

  • Ruger’s lineup begins with the versatile and affordable GP100. This rock-solid revolver can be had in .357 Magnum with a long-enough-to-hunt 6-inch barrel, making it powerful enough to take light- to medium-sized game when used by an accurate, ethical and patient hunter.

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How many bullets can a pistol or a revolver hold?

  • However, many automatic pistols come from the factory with magazines that hold between 6 and 18 rounds. Traditional revolvers can hold between 5 and 6 bullets . There are various factors that impact the magazine capacity of a particular handgun.

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How much does it cost to convert a colt revolver?

  • Conversion of early “pocket” Colt revolver. The prices on 19th century cartridge conversions are all over the place with guns selling for $900-$8000 or more.

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What's the minimum magnum cartridge for elk hunting?

  • Still others consider the .270 worthless for elk hunting and recommend nothing less than a .300 Magnum as the absolute minimum elk cartridge. The truth is that most hunters simply have not shot enough elk, or observed enough elk killed, to be able to draw valid conclusions from their personal experience.

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How many rounds does a 357 magnum hold?

the 357 holds five rounds Some hold 6. Some hold 7.

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Can a 7mm magnum be used for hunting?

  • Due to the 7mm RM offering an excellent blend of high velocity with high BC bullets, reduced wind drift, enough bullet weight and caliber for hunting most game along with recoil that is easily managed by most shooters, its acceptance remains broad. I have used it on many big-game hunts and have never been disappointed.

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Do you need a magnum for flooded timber?

  • Many duck hunters like to use magnum decoys for flooded timber but you’ll find a number of seasoned hunters eschew them in favor of standard-sized decoys. Don’t feel you have to invest in magnums in order to be successful. What you need to focus on is placement.

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