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🌐 What kind of rifle is the.308 winchester?

  • The .308 Winchester (or 7.62×51 NATO) was developed to replace the longer, bulkier .30/06. It’s one of the most successful military rifle cartridges of all time. The .308 will shoot about as accurately as anything you can buy.

🌐 Did winchester make an auto 308 deer rifle?

Yes,but the rifle in question was actually a semi-auto rifle.The Winchester model 100 which was made from 1961-1973 and produced in the quantity of 262,000 rifles was chambered in .308 caliber.It held a 4 round detachable magazine and was a gas operated semi-auto rifle.

🌐 Winchester rifle calibre 32?

The Winchester Company introduced the 32 Calibre rifle in 1873. For it they created four different types of bullets including the Winchester 32 special.

🌐 How accurate is the 308 rifle?

308 Rifle can hit a target over 300 yards away. The military used them as sniper rifles and they r more accurate than a .223

🌐 How good is a 270 winchester rifle?

the 270 win. is an excellent gun for any species of big game in north America enough to put down a bear or elk but able to make those long shots on whitetails and mullies. good all purpose gun. also good for varmits

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Can a.308 rifle be used on moose?

  • Does the .308 perform as well on large game such as moose, elk and the big bears as it does on deer and black bears? Using a rifle chambered for .308 has its drawbacks and its advantages but more than anything it comes with responsibilities.

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Is a 308 dpms assault rifle worth buying?

It is correct to say that 308 Dpms assault rifle is worth buying.

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Will 308 rifle ammo shoot in 3006 safely?

NEVER FIRE AMMUNITION IN A WEAPON NOT CHAMBERED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Danger, Danger, Danger,#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

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How far can a 308 caliber rifle shoot?

It can shoot about 3 miles. It can shoot accurately to about 1100 meters in the hands of a highly skilled marksman, depending on which rifle is firing the cartridge.

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Is the troy par 308 a good rifle?

  • Still, if you want a cool 308 rifle that is fun at the range and can do a deer in a pinch, the Troy PAR in 308 is a pretty tough package to beat. Optics for the PAR line up exactly with optics you’d choose for any AR platform and should reflect the type of shooting you want to do with it.

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Which shoots farther 308 or 30 06 rifle?


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What is a good price for a winchester model 70 308 caliber?

100-1000 usd

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What winchester hunting rifle is their top selling model?

Peep sights also available. The Winchester Model 1894 rifle (also known as the Winchester 94 or Model 94) is a lever-action repeating rifle that became one of the most famous and popular hunting rifles of all time.

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Which is a better hunting rifle remington or winchester?

  • The Remington Model 700 hunter becomes a Remington man, green to his very core, while a Winchester Model 70 man is equally red, a Winchester man to the bone. So the hunter becomes a part of something bigger, choosing a side in the endless debate over who is better.

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Is the 30-30 winchester a good hunting rifle?

  • Add a higher B.C. bullet like the rubber tipped Hornady MonoFlex and you improve trajectory and retained energy. The 30-30 is a great option for black bears in dense woods. Cool Lever-Action Rifles! Finally, the 30-30 is really a great medium-range deer cartridge because of the lever-action rifles commonly chambered for it.

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How long is the barrel of a winchester rifle?

  • However, the single most popular barrel length of the Winchester ’94 over the three centuries it spanned was … 20 inches. The reason for the differing barrel lengths was, quite simply, the differing needs of the people using them.

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How accurate is a mossberg 308 bolt action rifle?

Depends on how you define accuracy. Mossberg makes a durable, workmanlike hunting rifle. While it would not be my first choice for a 900 meter target rifle, in a hunting situation, it is probably more accurate than the average shooter.

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Can a 30 06 rifle shoot a 308 round?

No, it cannot.

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What is the best 308 rifle for deer hunting?

  • The Best .308 Deer Rifles in 2019 Remington 783 Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Ruger American Rifle All Weather Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP Kimber Model 84M Classic Mossberg Patriot Lever-Action Henry Long Ranger .308 Rifle for deer hunting

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How far can a 308 caliber rifle bullet travel?

About 3,400 yards.

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Can a 7mm-08 rifle shoot 308 bullets safely?


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How much should i spend on a.308 rifle?

  • A few things to consider while choosing the right .308 for deer hunting. You can spend a few hundred dollars, or you can spend a few thousand dollars on a .308 for deer hunting. Be realistic about what you can/should spend. You don’t have to break the bank to get into a great deer hunting rifle.

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What is the best semi auto rifle in 308?

'Best' is a highly subjective term, and one of the variables may be purpose. A military-style semi auto will not be the best for hunting or long range competition.

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How to maximise my hunting rifle 308 site youtube.com?

What's the best point of aim for a hunting rifle?

  • You need to know this. If you’re going to limit your in-field shooting to 300 yards or less, the best zero is still 3 inches high of the point of aim at 100 yards. With most big-game cartridges, this will put the bullet 3 to 6 inches low at 300, which will put horns on the wall.

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Who made the 308 model 235 revelation deer rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values has a store brand chart

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Can you interchange 308 30-06 in same rifle?


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What rifle is the bigger round 308 or 300?

  • Those looking to build a different rifle might want to consider 300 Blackout vs 308 Win, though both offer unique benefits for specific applications. The difference in size between .308 Winchester and 300 AAC Blackout is apparent. The .308 is a significantly larger cartridge suitable for engagement at longer ranges.

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What is the value on winchester cheyenne carbine 94 rifle?

about 1000

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What size bullet does a 30-30 winchester rifle use?

If you need to ask this you shouldn't own let alone be shooting a rifle!

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How many rounds did the winchester model 1873 rifle hold?

13 rounds of .44-40 ammunition.

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Can a.308 rifle be used as a brush gun?

  • When hunting, deviation of a few inches, let alone a foot or two, means a shot cannot be predicted to have reliable success. In other words, .308 hunting rifles don’t work well as a brush gun. Lever actions are quite popular hunting rifles. They shoot heavy bullet weights with a round nose design. Lever action calibers have quite the reputation.

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Can you shoot a 308 in a long action rifle?

If the rifle is chambered for the .308 Winchester cartridge, then long or short action can safely fire it. Long or short refers to how far the bolt travels when opened. The .308 is typically a short action- the 30-06 and longer cartridges cannot cycle thru a short action, and must be used in a long action rifle.

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Is a 308 sniper rifle a good deer hunting gun?

The 308 has plenty of knock down power for whitetails.I know people who use 308's for black bears in Michigan and never wound them.You should be good to go to about 250 yards or more depending on your gun and scope.

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What is the value of a 308 win remington rifle?

about 200$ us if its in good shape

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What can you do with a.308 semi automatic rifle?

  • With a .308 semi-automatic rifle, you can do long distance target shooting, go big game hunting, and defend your home and property against several attackers in an emergency or in a grid down disaster situation. For these reasons, a .308 semi-automatic rifle definitely belongs in your arsenal. So which specific makes and models should you consider?

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What grain bullets should i use in my .308 rifle?

  • In terms of performance, you can find a fairly narrow breadth of bullet weights available for 308 rifles. In common use, the lightest projectile available is generally a 150 grain round that offers a muzzle velocity of around 2,800 feet per second.

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What is the maximum effective range of a 308 rifle?

  • The ceiling for the .308 is around 1,000 yards. The U.S. Army sets its maximum effective range at 800 meters (about 875 yards) while the U.S. Marine Corps has it at 915 meters (1,000 yards even).

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Can a winchester 1892 rifle 44 caliber use 44-40 ammo?


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Is the winchester 770 300 win mag a good deer rifle?

I don't know much about the Winchester 770 Rifle but the 300 win mag is probably more punch (to both the deer and the shooter's shoulder) than needed unless you are shooting at very long ranges (>500 yds). That being said, you can't kill a deer too dead but at close ranges you may have "bullet blowup" which destroys a lot of meat. This can be avoided by selecting a tough, heavy bullet but this only adds to the recoil problem. All in all, the caliber will get the job done but there are better choices for medium-size game like deer and antelope.

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What year did winchester make the first 30-30 caliber rifle?


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How many bullets does a 22 winchester rifle model 190 hold?

The magazine holds 15 Long Rifle CARTRIDGES.

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What is the best scope for a sniper rifle .308 win?

The best you can afford.

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Did roy weatherby ever chamber a rifle for 308 norma magnum?

Doubtful. The .308 Norma Mag was a fairly short lived cartridge, and competed with Weatherby's own line of magnum rifle calibers.

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Is 223 caliber winchester model 70 a long or short action rifle?

The 223 is considered a Short Action rifle.

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What is the value of a winchester 190 22lr semi auto rifle?

Depending on condition, about $125

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Which is a better all around hunting rifle the 308 or 270?

It all depends on what you are hunting.

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Which is the better rifle a winchester 70 featherweight or sig sauer 970?

Question is to broad in scope. Both perform as designed.

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What ammunition does a 22 caliber winchester model 03 semi automatic rifle use?

Your winchester model 1903 shoots a different ammo than regular .22cal rimfire made today.It is chambered for the .22 Winchester auto rimfire cartridge.This ammo can still be found I believe at Old western scrounger. Try www.old western scrounger.com.I believe they are 12.95 a box for 50 rounds,maybe a bit more.

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What is the value of a winchester 30-30 rifle model 336 a?

Your rifle is a Marlin (Winchester 30-30 is caliber). Value will be based on condition, but somewhere between $225-$350 for Good to Excellent. Great little deer rifle.

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Can the 30-06 round and 308 be used in the same rifle?


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What is a better sniper and hunting rifle a 338 or a 308?

Each will perform as intended within its range limitations.

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Is a model 90 winchester octagonal rifle barrel more valuable than a round barrel?

In this model of Winchester rifle,there is no difference in value between the round or octagon barrel.

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How much is a winchester 30-06 rifle model70 serial number741933 with scope worth?

I would need a detailed description of the condition of your pre-64 model 70 bolt action rifle to give you a defined value.I would also like a description of the scope and maker of the scope to decide the overall value of your rifle.

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Winchester model 190 22 lr where can i find a sling for this rifle?

hold it up - look underneath - the sling hooks in the front and back and is usually about 2 inches wide.

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Is the ruger american 308 win bolt action rifle a long or short action?

Ruger American Rifle short action calibers (.243 Win, .308 Win, 7mm .08 Rem, 22-250)

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