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🌐 What can you do with a.308 semi automatic rifle?

  • With a .308 semi-automatic rifle, you can do long distance target shooting, go big game hunting, and defend your home and property against several attackers in an emergency or in a grid down disaster situation. For these reasons, a .308 semi-automatic rifle definitely belongs in your arsenal. So which specific makes and models should you consider?

🌐 Was spencer rifle semi automatic?


🌐 Can a semi automatic rifle be used for hunting?

  • Nonetheless, there’s no denying that the semi-automatic has become more and more popular for hunting purposes over the years, especially as soldiers coming back home from overseas have begun to use ARs and other “military-style” rifles for hunting big game.

🌐 Which is the best semi automatic rifle for hunting?

  • Nevertheless, the 6.8 Rem. SPC continues to gain favor among hunters who want a semi-auto caliber capable of taking deer and most big game, but with a mild recoil and smooth accuracy of a smaller caliber AR.

🌐 Is a semi automatic rifle better than an automatic rifle?

You'd need to define your criteria by which you define "better". Most military doctrines dictate that riflemen fire in semi-automatic, and are supported by automatic weapons. Which is "better" depends on purpose, typically.

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Is the airsoft spring scar-l rifle semi-automatic?

No, it is not. All spring powered guns need to be cocked for each shot.

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Is it illegal to make a semi automatic rifle?

  • The act did not regulate pre existing semi automatic weapons, but did however, make it illegal to produce or manufacture any new semi automatic guns that fell under the classification of an assault rifle.

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Is a biathlon rifle bolt action or semi- automatic?

Bolt action. A few are Fortner (straight pull) bolt actions.

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What was the first semi automatic rifle ever made?

  • Designed by John Browning and first introduced as the Remington Autoloading Rifle in 1905, this handy carbine was the first commercially successful semi-automatic centerfire rifle offered on the U ...

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Can semi automatic rifles be used for hunting?

  • Bolt-action rifles have been used to hunt since the 1800s. While these rifles, as well as shotguns, remain popular with hunters, semiautomatic guns have become popular because they can take multiple shots without losing sight of an animal. An elk Marbut shot in the head with his AR-10 semi-automatic rifle.

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When were semi automatic weapons introduced to hunting?

  • The first semi-automatic rifle was introduced in 1885, the first semi-automatic pistol in 1892, and the first semi-automatic shotgun in 1902. 1 Semi-automatics account for about 20 percent of the 300 million privately-owned firearms in the United States and the percentage is quickly rising, because semi-automatics now account for about 50 percent of all new firearms bought annually.

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Which is the best semi automatic hunting shotgun?

  • Pre-drilled and tapped for scope mounting with sling swivel openings on the stock and fore-end cap, the Stoeger Model 3000 boasts incredible versatility as a semi-automatic hunting shotgun. The Model 3000 has an Inertia Driven action, which provides a smooth operation.

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Which states allow semi automatic rifles for hunting?

You must check the laws of the country that you are living in. Fifty separate states equal 50 different laws.

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Can a semi automatic be used for hunting?

  • On a fully-automatic, the trigger must be pulled each time a shot is fired. A semi-automatic may not be used for sport shooting. On a semi-automatic, firing is continuous as long as the trigger is held down. A fully-automatic may not be used for hunting.

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Are semi automatic rifles legal for hunting in pa?

  • In 2017, Pennsylvania became the last state to legalize semi-automatic rifles – including AR-15s – for hunting. It looked like the guns might be allowed for furbearers, small game and big game, until something surprising happened:

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What is the best 308 hunting rifle?

What is the most accurate 308 rifle?

  • The T3X TAC A1 is another great option from Tikka. It’s got our vote for the best .308 precision rifle. It is one of the most accurate 308 bolt action rifles on the market. There’s so much to love about this weapon, especially from a precision shooting standpoint.

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How old is ruger 44 semi-automatic rifle serial 01666?

Ruger has sn data on theri web site.

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Are semi automatic rifles legal for hunting in maryland?

no, they arent legal anywhere in the US.

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How do you get a semi automatic rifle in mafia wars?

There are two jobs that allow a person to get a semi automatic rifle in "Mafia Wars. " These are Run a Biker Gang Out of Town and Move Stolen Merchandise.

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Can you hunt raccoons with a semi-automatic rifle in pa?

  • Persons hunting for furbearers, including coyotes, foxes, bobcats, raccoons, skunks, opossums and weasels, may use gun-mounted lights that DO NOT project a laser-light beam. Can I use a semi-automatic rifle to hunt coyotes? Yes. Semi-automatic rifles are lawful devices to hunt coyotes in Pennsylvania.

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What is the value of a rugar semi-automatic 22 rifle?

Ruger has many variations of semi-automatic 22 rifles. Prices will vary from 100-1000 or more USD depending on specifics

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Where can one find information on a 22 semi automatic rifle?

Although there is a significant amount of information available on the internet about 22 semi automatic rifles, the best place may be a licensed gun dealer who can advise the potential customer on issues such as safety and security.

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What is the value of a sega 410 semi automatic rifle?

It is a semi automatic shotgun. 100-400 USD or so

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Can you shoot raccoons with a semi automatic rifle in pa?

  • The Pennsylvania Game Commission has approved hunting with semi-automatic rifles for small game and furbearers. This includes coyotes, foxes and raccoons. "I'm actually for it, I've owned them all my life," said long-time hunter Chris Borger, of Walnutport.

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Which is the best semi auto hunting rifle?

  • Browning Semi-auto rifles have long been popular with big woods hunters for obvious reasons. The Remington line runs way back to the Model 8, which was the first successful semi-auto for hunters. Back then, hunters in the know picked the .35 Remington.

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Are semi automatic rifles legal for deer hunting in vermont?

No. Semiautomatic .22 rimfire rifles may be used for small game, but no semi rifles for deer. See link to Vermont hunting regs, and scroll down.

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Are semi automatic rifles legal for deer hunting in pa?

Nope. PA requires a MANUALLY OPERATED centerfire rifle (their term). Pump, lever, bolt, or single shot, yes. Semi-auto, no.

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Are semi automatic rifles legal for deer hunting in ny?

Yes, but magazines can only hold 5 rounds of ammo, regardless of it being an "internal" or removable magazine. Semi Auto shotguns for waterfowl can only hold 3 rounds in the magazine also, 5 are allowed for normal big game hunting.

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Are semi automatic rifles legal for deer hunting in utah?


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Can a semi automatic shotgun be used for deer hunting?

  • Of course a semi automatic shotgun will allow for the more rapid firing of slugs or buckshot at your spotted and aimed at deer, and also, more soreness for your shoulder along with the increased likelihood for a kill! It really comes down to this, how good a deer hunter are you?

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What are semi-automatic rifles?

  • A semi-automatic rifle is a rifle that fires a single round each time the trigger is pulled. They are also known as self-loading rifles ('SLR') or auto-loading rifles.

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What is the best 308 rifle for deer hunting?

  • The Best .308 Deer Rifles in 2019 Remington 783 Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Ruger American Rifle All Weather Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP Kimber Model 84M Classic Mossberg Patriot Lever-Action Henry Long Ranger .308 Rifle for deer hunting

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How to maximise my hunting rifle 308 site youtube.com?

What's the best point of aim for a hunting rifle?

  • You need to know this. If you’re going to limit your in-field shooting to 300 yards or less, the best zero is still 3 inches high of the point of aim at 100 yards. With most big-game cartridges, this will put the bullet 3 to 6 inches low at 300, which will put horns on the wall.

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What states can you legally hunt in with a semi automatic rifle?

You will need to check the games laws in the states you wish to hunt in- we cannot post all of the regulations for all of the states. SOME states (Pennysylvania being one) do NOT permit the use of semi-auto rifles for big game hunting.

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Are semi automatic rifles legal for hunting mountain lions in montana?

Yes- with a big HOWEVER. There are special seasons and permits required for Mountain Lions. Firearms may not be used in Archery Season.

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Is pump action shotgun better or semi-automatic for dove hunting?

It all depends on the shooter and what he/she is comfortable with and shoots best.

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Can a semi automatic gun be used for hunting in germany?

  • Automatic or semi-automatic weapons with space for more than two cartridges in the magazine are not permitted for hunting in Germany. It is best to ask the landowner which animals are in season when hunting in Germany as they differ from state to state. The following table provides seasonal hunting information for Berlin and Brandenburg:

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Is a 308 sniper rifle a good deer hunting gun?

The 308 has plenty of knock down power for whitetails.I know people who use 308's for black bears in Michigan and never wound them.You should be good to go to about 250 yards or more depending on your gun and scope.

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What ammunition does a 22 caliber winchester model 03 semi automatic rifle use?

Your winchester model 1903 shoots a different ammo than regular .22cal rimfire made today.It is chambered for the .22 Winchester auto rimfire cartridge.This ammo can still be found I believe at Old western scrounger. Try www.old western scrounger.com.I believe they are 12.95 a box for 50 rounds,maybe a bit more.

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Do you have to register a semi automatic rifle as an assault weapon?

  • A: Yes, and there are no restrictions on their use on manually-operated rifles or semi-automatic rifles with fixed magazines. However, if you have a muzzle compensator on a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine, you may need to register it as an Assault Weapon if it can accept a detachable magazine capable of holding more than 5 rounds.

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Are there any drawbacks to a semi auto hunting rifle?

  • The biggest drawback to a semi auto hunting rifle is the potential for malfunctions to interrupt the shooting. Additionally, some states may ban or restrict the use of semi-automatic rifles for hunting.

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How do you get semi automatic shotguns?

Go to a gun shop and buy them.

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Are spring power air rifles semi-automatic?

No, they must be be recocked after each shot.

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Are semi automatic rifles legal in montana?


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Are semi automatic rifles legal in ky?


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A 308 hunting elk?

  • A.308 offers deep penetration and can do a lot of damage. It will be more than enough power to take down an elk . Many hunters prefer to use the.308 because it offers low recoil and has a highly accurate shot. The.308 is one of the most popular hunting bullets in the world.

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Which states allow big game hunting with a semi-auto rifle?

You will have to contact each state directly to find out.

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Is any hunting allowed using a semi auomatic rifle in pa?

No. Below is a link to the PA game regulations. Section 2308 covers prohibited means of taking game.

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How do you disassemble a browning centerfire semi-auto hunting rifle?

That depends on which Browning centerfire semi-automatic rifle you are addressing - there are more than one. Visit the Browning web site to get an owner's manual for field stripping instructions or locate the Gun Digest Assembly/Disassembly book for centerfire rifles for detailed disassembly instructions.

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How accurate is the 308 rifle?

308 Rifle can hit a target over 300 yards away. The military used them as sniper rifles and they r more accurate than a .223

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What is the value of a 30-06 browning m70 semi-automatic rifle serial 24862?

There is no such thing as a Browning semiautomatic M70 rifle. The Model 70 bolt-action rifle was produced by Winchester, while Browning produced a very different semiautomatic rifle called the BAR. Which is it?

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Which is a better all around hunting rifle the 308 or 270?

It all depends on what you are hunting.

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Can a semi-automatic firearm shoot bursts of full-automatic fire periodically?

Yes, and it generally means something is wrong with the sear. If you have a semi automatic that is doing this, it needs to be fixed.

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Most accurate 22 semi auto rifle?

Impossible to answer as asked. Factory or custom?

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Semi auto rifle 45x39 2235 pounds?


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