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🌐 Is the 30-06 springfield rifle good for deer?

  • Of course comparisons like this don't mean much, but they illustrate an important point: the 30-06 is more than capable of doing 90 percent, perhaps 98 percent, of what hunters want a deer cartridge to do -- IF the hunter is capable of operating it properly.When it comes to hunting, ballistic performance alone is not enough.

🌐 Who makes the best 30 06 hunting rifle?

  • Most Affordable: Weatherby Vanguard Select 30-06 Hunting Rifle.
  • Leupold VX-6HD 3-18x50mm Riflescope.
  • Vortex Optics Viper HS-T 6-24×50 Second Focal Plane Riflescopes.

🌐 Which is the best 30-06 springfield rifle on the market?

  • Top 8 Best .30-06 Rifles Reviews. 1 Savage® Arms 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP Bolt-Action Rifle with Nikon BDC 3-9×40 Scope Packages. Savage Arms have a very good reputation with hunters. 2 Weatherby Vanguard Select 30-06 Springfield Rifle, Matte Black ‒ VSE306SR4O. 3 Ruger American 30-06 SPFD. Black ...

🌐 What is a good hunting rifle in 30/06?

The 3 Best 30-06 Rifles

Remington 783: Best 30-06 Rifle for the Money. Winchester Model 70 Featherweight: Best 30-06 Hunting Rifle. Weatherby Vanguard Series 2: Best All-Around 30-06 Rifle.

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🌐 Is the 30-06 rifle good for moose hunting?

  • Your 30-06 will be great with premium or without premium on moose..Enjoy your moose hunt.. There should be no cheap fix for this fella, he's got mucho $$$ invested to come hunt here and the price of the 1 bullet he shoots his high priced quarry with, should be of no relevance!

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6.5 creedmoor vs 30-06 springfield: a detailed comparison & analysis

Video answer: Is 30-06 really as versatile as they claim?

Is 30-06 really as versatile as they claim?

Video answer: Best scopes for .30-06 🔭 (2020 round-up) | big game logic

Best scopes for .30-06 🔭 (2020 round-up) | big game logic

Video answer: The all american .30 06 springfield

The all american .30 06 springfield

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Is a 30-06 good for moose hunting?

30-06 is a good flat shooting, long range moose hunting rifle. It is an accurate caliber with lots of energy; loaded correctly, has a point blank range of approximately 330 meters. Point Blank Range: when sighted correctly will hit a 10 inch diameter circle anywhere from the muzzle out to 330 meters.

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Is a 30-06 good for deer hunting?

Yes.This is one of the most popular calibers to hunt deer with.I know a lot of folks that go as low as .243 to hunt deer, with a larger grain bullet this caliber can be affective as it is moving with a very fast velocity.30-06 is a good medium caliber bullet that usually moves pretty fast, it is also an adopted military round from back in the day so the selection on ammo is pretty diverse because of it's popularity.For a great long distance round I heard that the 300 Winchester mag is very affective.Hope this helps.

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Is a 30-06 good for hog hunting?

its a little overkill but its not like your gonna mount it but i would chose a faster bullet like a .243 or a .270 they offer more acuracy and if you miss hog he will be "p o" ed and they are often semiautomatic a good thing to have incase one charges after a miss but it would do if you didnt have a better one and if its bolt action dont miss

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Is the.30-06 cartridge good for hunting?

  • These cartridges do provide a healthy thump when hunting bigger game, yet I’ve shot the same variety of game with the .30-06, and it has worked about as well. Hunters all over the world are convinced that their cartridge, bullet or handload is the answer to the quickest, cleanest kills.

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Where can you find a synthetic stock for a mr7 30 06 hunting rifle?

gun shop, gun show, want ad

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What is the value of a redfield 30 06 rifle?

I cannot find any reference to a Redfield Rifle...however there are references to Redfield rifle scopes/optics. Does your question relate to rifle scopes?

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What is best scope for a weatherby 30-06 rifle?

Depends on what you are hunting, where you are hunting, your skill level and your pocket book.

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Is the the 30-06 a good rifle for elk?

yes if your close

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Can you use 223 caliber whit a 30-06 rifle?

No. It is much too small.

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What is the range of a 30-06 caliber rifle?

In excess of a mile.

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Why did the rifle 30-06 get called that way?

30 is the caliber, 06 is the year of introduction (1906)

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Which is the best scope for 30-06 hunting?

  • The 3-9x40 is an excellent scope for most 30-06 conditions. The low magnification gives you a wide field of view for quickly acquiring moving game and it allows you to locate your target quickly in the timber.

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Can 30-06 be used for big game hunting?

30/06 Springfield remains an incredibly well balanced, versatile, affordable hunting cartridge. With modern ammo it shoots 100- to 200 fps faster than it used to. If it was good enough to stop lions, rhinos, buffalo, and elephants 100 years ago, it's probably good enough to stop deer, elk, and moose today.

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What's the popularity of the.30 / 06 hunting round?

  • The popularity of the .30’06 over its 114 years of existence is nothing short of stupefying. It always ranks among the top five hunting rounds. There are, according to Chuck Hawks’ blog, no fewer than 269 commercial loadings for it.

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Can 30-06 be used for dangerous game hunting?

What kind of game can a Springfield rifle kill?

  • It can handle North America’s largest bears, and it truly shines on game such as deer, elk and moose. In the hunting world, the .30-06 Springfield is one of those cartridges that has probably been used to kill every species of huntable game on the planet — with varying degrees of success on the truly large and dangerous stuff.

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What is the best deer hunting 30-06 ammo?

  • While there are many solid options in hunting ammunition from Nosler, one of our favorites for the.30-06 is the Trophy Grade AccuBond. Available loaded with either 165-grain or 180-grain AccuBond bullets, these.30-06 rounds will easily claim everything from deer to Elk-sized game.

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Can you use a 30-06 for deer hunting?

30-06 loads… 30-06 recoil is manageable for virtually all deer hunters. The ballistics of the . 30-06 are also ideal for most deer hunting, from thick woods and brush to the open country of the West.

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Is the 30-30 winchester a good hunting rifle?

  • Add a higher B.C. bullet like the rubber tipped Hornady MonoFlex and you improve trajectory and retained energy. The 30-30 is a great option for black bears in dense woods. Cool Lever-Action Rifles! Finally, the 30-30 is really a great medium-range deer cartridge because of the lever-action rifles commonly chambered for it.

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Do you need deep penetration for a 30 / 06 deer rifle?

  • If your deer rifle is a .30/06, you don’t need deep penetration to get the job done. Just about any .30/06 hunting load will punch deeply enough to dispatch any whitetail or mule deer walking this Earth.

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What is the maximum effective range of a 30-06 rifle?

  • With its original 150-grain spire point bullet at 2,700 fps, the Springfield .30/06 was certified for an extreme reach of 4.75 miles, an effective firing range of 1,000 yards . A flip up rear leaf sight was graduated for ranges out to 2,850 yards. Point-blank range for a standing, man-sized target was 500 yards.

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Browning automatic rifle hunting with boss firearm do they make a 30-06 bar with boss?

On some models, yes

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What is the best ammunition to use for target shooting for a .30-06 hunting rifle?

You will have to buy as many different brands and bullet weights as you can afford and shoot them to find out.

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What is the best hornady hunting bullet in 30-06?

The 5 Best . 30/06 Big-Game Loads

  • Federal Fusion 150-Grain. This is an affordable and highly effective load for deer- and hog-size game…
  • Federal Premium 180-grain Nosler Partition…
  • Winchester Expedition 180-grain AccuBond CT…
  • Buffalo Bore 168-grain Barnes TTSX…
  • Hornady Lite 125-grain SST.

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What's the best grain bullet for 30-06 deer hunting?

For this reason, I strongly recommend using premium quality controlled expansion bullets that are 170 grains or heavier (ideally 175-180 grain bullets) if you plan on using the . 30-06 for hunting really big game like moose and elk.

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Which is a better hunting cartridge 270 or 30-06?

  • Both the .270 and .30-06 are great cartridges for hunting medium to large sized game all over the world ranging from roe deer to moose under the right circumstances. They also have great reputations for accuracy and performance at extended range.

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Can a 7.62x63mm round be safely fired from a 30-06 rifle?

7.62x63mm is the metric designation for the U.S. .30-06 round. -J.R. Shirley

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What kind of animals can you hunt with a 30-06 rifle?

  • Regardless of the exact .30-06 hunting rifle you choose, it is capable of ethically taking a wide variety of game animals like mule and whitetail deer, pronghorn, black bear, feral hogs, elk, mountain goat, sheep, moose, sheep, zebra, kudu, zebra, eland, red stag and dozens of other species.

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Which rifle is the most powerful the 7mm or a 30-06?

Define 7mm. Do you mean 7mm Mauser ( a little less than 30-06), or 7mm Magnum, (a bit more than 30-06)

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What kind of scope should i get for my 30 06 rifle?

  • The right scope for your 30 06 should have objective glasses of 40 mm or 50 mm. Anything below 40 mm will hinder your ability to spot targets from long distances. On the other hand, anything beyond 50 mm will be too much of a load to carry. Scope rings are of great importance when choosing a scope for a 30 06 rifle.

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What grain bullet to use in 30-06 for moose hunting?

30-06 is very popular for moose hunting. The all time favorite Federal Premium 180gr Nosler Partition is a great start. I suggest not go lower than 165gr in bullet weight. The 165/168 Barnes bullets work great on moose if your rifle likes them.

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What is best ammo for deer hunting with a 30-06?

Which ever your gun shoots the best or what you feel comfortable with, personally I like any round in 150 or 165 grain weight, doesn't matter what brand, never had any problems

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Can 30-06 be used for dangerous game hunting in africa?

In most African countries the . 375 H&H Mag. is the legal minimum for elephant, cape buffalo, hippo, and lion—and many hunters insist even it is on the light side. Yes, the . 30/06 is capable of killing dangerous African game.

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What caliber is a 30-06?

It uses a 30 caliber or .308 inch diamiter projectile. .308

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What is the best 30 caliber hunting rifle?

Top 10 . 30 Caliber Hunting Cartridges of All Time

  • 10) .300 Savage. Developed by the Savage Arms Co…
  • 9) . 300 H&H Mag…
  • 8) . 300 Weatherby Magnum…
  • 7) . 30-30 Win…
  • 6) . 300 Ruger Compact Magnum (RCM) ...
  • 5) . 300 WSM…
  • 4) . 300 Blackout…
  • 3) . 308.

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Can the 30-06 round and 308 be used in the same rifle?


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Did browning ever make a bar hunting rifle in 30-30 caliber?


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Springfield bolt action rifle?

a old ww2 bolt action sniper/combat rifle Springfield made many types of bolt action rifles over a century or so

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What is a 30-30 rifle?

Any rifle that shoots a 30-30 bullet.

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Best scope for 30-30 rifle?

If you spend most all of your hunting time in thick woods & brushy areas - I would consider a fixed power scope ( 4x should be good ). I personally use a variable power scope ( 3x9 ). This way I can cover both woods & more open areas. Since you will not be shooting over about 100 yards, something with a wide field and not too much magnification is best.

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Uses for a 30-30 rifle?

Hunting, target shooting, defense,

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What cartrige is larger 7mm remington magnum or the 30-06 remington rifle cartrige?

The 7mm Remingtonn is longer. The 30/06 has a larger projectile.

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How much is a winchester 30-06 rifle model70 serial number741933 with scope worth?

I would need a detailed description of the condition of your pre-64 model 70 bolt action rifle to give you a defined value.I would also like a description of the scope and maker of the scope to decide the overall value of your rifle.

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I need a bipod that will clamp on to a woodstock 30-06 rifle?

Highly recommend you don't do it. If you just have to, go to a large gunstore.

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How far will 30-30 rifle shoot?

Accurately? About 200 yards. Total? A few miles- but with no accuracy.

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What is the value of a 30-06 browning m70 semi-automatic rifle serial 24862?

There is no such thing as a Browning semiautomatic M70 rifle. The Model 70 bolt-action rifle was produced by Winchester, while Browning produced a very different semiautomatic rifle called the BAR. Which is it?

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What can you hunt with a 30-06?

  • Regardless of the exact .30-06 hunting rifle you choose, it is capable of ethically taking a wide variety of game animals like mule and whitetail deer, pronghorn, black bear, feral hogs, elk, mountain goat, sheep, moose, sheep, zebra, kudu, zebra, eland, red stag and dozens of other species.

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Which caliber is better 270 or 30-06?

270 over normal game ranges. With its heavier 165 or 180-grain bullets of larger diameter the . 30-06 definitely hits harder… 30-06 is better for elk, and certainly better for moose and bear.

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How far can a 30-06 shoot accurately?

Trajectory and Ballistics

30/06 was certified for an extreme reach of 4.75 miles, an effective firing range of 1,000 yards. A flip up rear leaf sight was graduated for ranges out to 2,850 yards.

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Will 308 ammo fit in 30 06 m1grand?

no You could use the 308 ammo in an Enfield.

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What is the difference between a 30 caliber and a 30-06?

  • The .30-calibers mirror each other for a vast majority of bullet weights, each capable of slinging projectiles from 100- up to 200-grains. Though, the .30-06 offers a bit more flexibility when it comes to loading heavy-for-caliber bullets. The more spacious case allows it to seat up to 220-grain bullets-dynamite medium-range option on heavier game.

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