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🌐 What does 270 mean in a 270 rifle?

It's the caliber of the cartridge it fires.

🌐 What is a 270 rifle?

.270 refers to the caliber of the rifle. It fires a center fire, bottle necked cartridge. The parent cartridge is the 30-06, which is necked down to fire a smaller diameter bullet- .270 instead of .308. A very versatile long range hunting cartridge with moderate recoil. I think every major rifle maker in the US has built guns in this caliber.

🌐 Can you use 270 wsm ammo in a 270 rifle?

No, .270 wsm and .270 winchester are not the same.

🌐 What is a 270 rifle worth?

There are several rifles available in .270 calibre. How much one will be worth will be dependent on the manufacturer, model, special features, etc. There's no way of answering this question without knowing any of that.

🌐 How powerful is a 270 rifle?

270 Winchester has an effective bullet range of 90 to 160 grains; though the cartridge can certainly handle heavier bullets. The common twist rate of 1:10″ precludes most any bullet above 150 grains, with the exception of a few 160-grain bullets.

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Why do hunters hate 130 grain .270 winchester rounds?!

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.30-06 or .270 — which is best?

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Browning bar 270 semi auto rifle serial 137pr10557?

What do you want to know?

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Which is the best 270 winchester rifle cartridge?

  • 5 Great .270 Rifle Cartridges 1 .270 Winchester. Two questions about the .270 Win… 2 .270 Weatherby Magnum. Roy Weatherby introduced his first big-game cartridge, the .270 Weatherby Magnum, in 1943 and began offering handloaded ammunition in 1945. 3 .270 WSM… 4 6.8mm SPC… 5 27 Nosler…

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What is a 270 caliber rifle good for?

  • This rifle is the epitome of what a .270 caliber rifle should be. It’s made from high-quality materials, provides excellent shooting ability for hunting purposes, and can take on the abuse and impact of bumping and banging around. So, it can handle the rough terrain and bad weather like a pro.

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Is the.270 win rifle overkill for small game?

  • The .270 is "overkill" for varmint, but it'll perform well on small game with the right bullet. Are you considering the purchase of a rifle chambered for the .270 Win?

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What kind of animals can a 270 rifle kill?

  • Just about any animal In North America. The exception might be large bears. (although it would do the job) But reliably you could hunt anything from coyotes to Moose with it. The .270 is a great caliber. Bruised Sausage presents it in a nice way.

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Can a 270 rifle be used to shoot kudu?

While the .270 is a little light for kudu,it can still be used.Here in the United States the .270 has killed alot of elk and the greater kudu is much the same size. If it were me I would load the 150gr. nosler partition,or a barnes 150gr triple shock for the game in question.The most important thing in any hunting situation is the ability to put the bullet in the right spot under hunting conditions.If you shoot your 270 accurately then it is better to shoot that then a bigger caliber that you do not shoot as good.

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What is the best 270 cal rifle to buy?

"Best" rifle is a very subjective term, and can open up a LONG discussion- different people will have different favorites- based on their experiences and personal preferences. Winchester, Browning, Ruger, Remington, and Savage have all made .270 cal rifles, along with a host of European makers. You may love the Winchester Mdl 70, and I may love my Browning BAR, and Fred will think his Accu-trigger Savage is the best rifle ever made. Strange thing is- we would ALL be right. A benchrest rifle will be too heavy to carry hunting, an autoloader may be a great hunting rifle in Virgina, but not allowed in Pennsylvania, etc. There is no single mainstream gun maker I would shy away from, and if you find the rifle that fits your shoulder, and your wallet, you will be convinced that THAT rifle is the BEST 270 ever made. Good luck in your search- and have fun searching.

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Which is the best browning 270 rifle to buy?

  • The Browning X-Bolt Composite Stalker .270 Rifle might be right up your alley if you’re looking for something with accuracy, power, and the potential to last you years, or even decades. Compared to other .270 rifles, it stands out as the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to deer hunting.

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What size base and rings for a 270 rifle?

depends on the rifle and the scope. Most scopes will use 1 inch rings for that type rifle.

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What is the best 270 caliber rifle for the money?

A Savage. It is very reliable and light weight.

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What is the best 270 rifle ammunition for deer hunting?

  • The 270 Winchester cartridge is a perennial favorite for deer and other big game hunters in America. With bullet weights in the 130-150 grain range, and a muzzle velocity over 3,000 fps, the 270 is a great choice for deer out to several hundred yards. 1 Remington Core-Lokt Ammunition 270 Winchester 130 Grain Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point Box of 20

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What is the value of a 270 ruger magnum rifle?

399.00 dollars

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Does weatherby make a hunting rifle in 270 mag caliber?

  • Founded by legendary hunter Roy Weatherby, Weatherby Firearms produces some particularly high-quality rifles like the Mark V and the Vanguard models. Chambered in a wide variety of cartridges, including many common rounds like.270 Winchester ,.30-06, and.300 Win Mag, these rifles are known for their accuracy, reliability and sturdy construction.

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What is the value of salvage 270 left handed rifle?

100-300 USD

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Which rifle has more damage 270 caliber or 30-30?

The .270 has MUCH more energy than the 30-30.

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What is the approximate range of a 270 caliber rifle.?

Impossible to answer with the maker's name and the serial number.

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What is the effective range for a 270 caliber rifle?

I can say that i shot a fine Antelope buck with my 270Win caliber rifle at 403 paces in Wyoming.I have seen this caliber make many kills from that distance on in to 35 yards.It all depends on the game animal hunted,and most important your rifle skills.

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What is value of remington model 700 270 caliber rifle?

100-500 USD

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What is the value of a browning 270 semiautomatic rifle?

100-500 USD depending on condition, accessories, box, manual

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Which rifle caliber is better for a bolt action rifle a 243 or a 270?

General rule of thumb is that the best caliber is the one which best suits you. Of the two, .270 would be the more powerful round. Both are substantial for hunting something like deer, although the .243 is probably better suited for the experienced hunter, whereas the .270 would be a little more forgiving to the novice hunter. The .270 is a necked down .30-06, and the .243 is a necked down .308.

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How much is a model 78 -270 cal worth hunting rifle?

50-500 USD depending on specifics

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What is the actual caliber of a 270 center fire rifle?

Uses .277 bullets

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Can you put a scope on a 270 bolt action rifle?

if it did not come with the provision to mount a scope on it you can take it to a gunsmith and have it drilled and tapped for one.

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Can you use a 270 win mag in a rifle that is ment to be used with a 270 wcf?


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What is the value of a 270 win mag bolt action rifle?

You need to know the make, grade and model. 270 mag rifle could be anything

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How many rounds does the nosler m48 rifle in 270 wsm hold?

3+1 Meaning 3 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber.

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Which is a better all around hunting rifle the 308 or 270?

It all depends on what you are hunting.

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What is the vaue of a remington 700 bolt action 270 ep rifle?

What is the value of a Remington 700 bolt action 270ml rifle?

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Can 270 light mag ammo be fired from 270 win?

No. .270 Winchester and .270 Winchester Short Magnum are not interchangeable cartridges.

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Can a remington model 770 in a 270 caliber shoot both a 270 wsm and 270 win?

Definitely Not !!

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What is 270 short ammo?

  • 270 WSM ammo, also known as the 270 Winchester short magnum, is a very powerful round designed by Winchester in 2002. The round is part of their short magnum line, which is known for its exceptional power and the ability to be used in a short action rifle. Short magnums have the advantage of being used in short action rifles,...

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Can a rem model 770 in a .270 caliber shoot a 270 wsm?

Have a gunsmith verify the exact 270 chambering. <><><> Agree. The standard .270 cannot fire the .270 WSM, and vice versa.

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Is a 270 good for coyote hunting?

  • The .270 is a mighty effective coyote rifle with 90g varmint bullets going over 3500 fps but you will have to reload to get them. Small, high velocity bullets are best for most coyote hunting applications. They allow you to have minimum holdover and minimum leads on running coyotes.

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Is 270 good for deer hunting?

270 Win. was praised for being one of the first hunting cartridges to exceed a muzzle velocity of 3,000 fps. It broke this speed barrier with a 130-grain bullet, which arguably still remains the best bullet weight if you're using a … 270 Win. is a favorite among deer hunters.

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Will a 270 shoot through brush?

The 270 is a great caliber like many other popular ones but it is not a brush caliber to shoot through thick forest.

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What is a 270 caliber bullet?

  • .270 Winchester Short Magnum. The 270 Winchester Short Magnum or 270 WSM is a short, unbelted, magnum cartridge created by necking down the .300 Winchester Short Magnum and fitting it with a .277 caliber bullet.

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Is 270 a good sniper round?

270 is a nice, flat shooting hunting round. I never heard of it being used as a sniper round either. The . 270 rifles tend to be a bit lighter and easier to lug in the field all day,but the round is potent enough for most game in North America, so this adds to the popularity of the caliber.

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Mannlicher model 1952 270 caliber produced?

It was produced between 1952 and 1956. It is considered one of the finest hunting rifles of it's time.

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Best 270 ammo for mule deer?

150 grain Remmington Core-Lokt is a good round.

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Where can you find information about a 270 caliber rifle marked fab nat d'armes de guerre herstal belique 4937?

Where can you find information about a 270 caliber rifle

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Is a 270 good for deer hunting?

270 Winchester one of the most popular big-game hunting cartridges of all time. He cemented its merit far and wide by using it to stack up big-game animals around the globe—including untold numbers of North American deer. For hunters who exclusively pursue deer, the . 270 Winchester is tough to beat.270 Winchester one of the most popular big-game hunting cartridges of all time. He cemented its merit far and wide by using it to stack up big-game animals around the globe—including untold numbers of North American deer. For hunters who exclusively pursue deer, the . 270 Winchester is tough to beat.

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Is 270 caliber good for deer hunting?


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Is 270 a good general hunting caliber?

What is a good 270 rifle?

  • A 270 Win is a fine round. Buy a quality rifle chambered in it and you have a very good rifle for all deer, hogs and even moose or elk at close range (but you don't hunt elk at close range). A 270 is basically a 30-06 case necked down to 270.

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Is a 270 caliber good for elk?

270 Winchester is not the bottom-line minimum, but it's a pretty good starting point for elk… 270, especially when mated with the tough, deep-penetrating, weight-retaining bullets we have today, is not a “big gun” on elk, but is adequate for any elk that walks, with careful shot placement.

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Remington rifles 270 caliber model 721 value?

100-300 USD

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When did the.270 weatherby magnum come out?

  • Roy Weatherby introduced his first big-game cartridge, the .270 Weatherby Magnum, in 1943 and began offering handloaded ammunition in 1945. When loaded with IMR 4350, the slowest-burning powder available at the time, the .270 Wby. Mag. was not a lot faster than the .270 Win. when both were loaded to the same chamber pressure.

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Which is the best remington 270 for hunting?

  • The Remington 700 SPS .270 Win proves itself to be one of the best .270 rifles in the business. If you want something that will stand out as one of the longest-lasting rifles you’ll ever own, you may want to consider giving this one a closer look. 3. Ruger American .270 Win. Great for Hunting. New buyers were satisfied with this rifle.

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Is a 270 wsm good for elk hunting?

What is the best ammo for hunting elk?

  • Other excellent calibers for elk hunting rifles are the 8mm Rem Mag, 308, .338 Win Mag, 300 and 338 Remington Ultra Mags, 340 Weatherby Mag, .375 H & H and others in between. Bullet weights from 165 to 240 grain can all be acceptable for killing elk, depending on the caliber.

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What can you hunt with a 270 wsm?

With a range of bullet weights between 90 and 150 grains, it could easily handle woodchucks and coyotes, as well as black bear. The 130- and 150-grain slugs were the most popular for big game, and as the . 270 was based on the .

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Which caliber is better 270 or 30-06?

270 over normal game ranges. With its heavier 165 or 180-grain bullets of larger diameter the . 30-06 definitely hits harder… 30-06 is better for elk, and certainly better for moose and bear.

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