Should fox hunting ban be lifted?

Marquis Hand asked a question: Should fox hunting ban be lifted?
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🌐 What part of africa lifted elephant hunting ban?

Botswana has the world's largest elephant population, with some 130,000 animals.

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🌐 What country has lifted the ban on hunting elephants?


Botswana has the world's largest elephant population, with some 130,000 animals.

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🌐 Should hunting be allowed?

Yes, because if hunting never existed then wildlife would over run the human race an more deaths from wildlife would occur

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Yes because if foxes aren't hunted the the population will grow out of control.

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Should deer hunting be banned?

No. The wolf is the natural predator of the deer. Humans have greatly reduced the number of wild wolves in this country. Without predators, deer tend to multiply and greatly increase their numbers. They destroy their food supply. Even though they look cute, they remain wild animals. When they move into populated areas, they can cause harm to yards and people. When people hunt, they replace the deer's natural predator.

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Should deer hunting be illegal?

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  • If hunting is banned many parts in rural society is going to lose their tradition. Hunting has a positive effect on wildlife and it manages wildlife very well. Regular hunting would limit the overpopulation of deer herds as well as other animals.

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Should dolphin hunting be banned?

Dolphin hunting should most definitely be banned, because they are lovely animals, and we don't need them for food or clothes. Therefore, they should be just left to live freely.

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Should duck hunting be legal?

Duck Hunting is legal. As long as it is within seasons regulated by the Department of Conservation. If you meant Illegal, then no. The population of ducks would quickly overpopulate causing a decline in food and then sickness and starvation would result.

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Should fox hunting be allowed?

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Truely this is a question answered by opinion. It is my opinion that fox hunting should not be allowed. As far as I know no one in the world eats fox meat, so there is no real reason to hunt them. Hunting is, to me, an unessary sport. All it shows is how arrogant and wasteful humans are and how little we care about the animals that live with us. Many fox species are endangered due to human's hunting above all other things. I mean really, how would we like it if some thing snuck into our homes with weapons and killed us or our family? Unlike humans, young foxes can not be taken in if their mother is shot. Huunting destroys unreplaceable animals for meer please rather than survival needs and that is some thing, a terrible thing, only humans do. I do not think fox hunting should be allowed.

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Should fox hunting be banned?


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Should hunting be a sport?

Yes hunting should be a sport.

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Should hunting be considered conservation?

  • Contrary to what hunters often say in defense of their cruel pastime, hunting has nothing to do with “conservation” or “population control.” In fact, animals are often specially bred and raised for hunters to kill. If left unaltered by humans, the delicate balance of nature’s ecosystems ensures the survival of most species.

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Should hunting dogs be neutered?

Due to the fact that in most cases the benefits outweigh the risks, owners should almost always make the decision to neuter or spay their hunting dogs… Neutering or spaying, also known as 'fixing' a hunting dog, or any pet dog, is almost always the best choice.

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Should hunting not be outlawed?

Hunting should NOT be outlawed. When properly regulated hunting is beneficial to habitat preservation and well being of the species being hunted. If a species has no predators then it overpopulates. Overpopulation lead to disease and starvation. Poaching has a negative effect on animals but this is already outlawed. People that hunt according to the regulations and buy licenses are the largest contributors to wildlife and habitat preservation funds.

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Should hunting tigers be illegal?

yes, they are almost extinct.

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Should i use hunting horn?

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  • The hunting horn is a blunt weapon that can bestow positive status effects on yourself and your allies. Use it to perform melodies that can boost attack power, restore health, and grant other beneficial effects. Hunting Horn Weapon Tree For full details, including rare 9 and above horns added with Iceborne please see Hunting Horn Weapon Tree

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Should recreational hunting be stopped?

  • While recreational hunting could be stopped, excess hunting just for the sake of our demands is still very much alive and thriving. It has caused so much harm to nature, right from species endangerment to extinction that overhunting has to be controlled by all means.

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Should sport hunting be illegal?

  • Sport Hunting Should Not Be Banned. Hunting for sport of food is a relaxing, exciting and educational experience for hunters of all ages. There are many claims that this type of hunting has no beneficial results and therefore should be banned.

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Should sport hunting be legal?

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While many states have limited or banned canned hunts, there are no federal laws regulating the practice at this time. Hunting accidents destroy property and injure or kill horses, cows, dogs, cats, hikers, and other hunters.

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Should trophy hunting be allowed?

  • Trophy hunting should be illegal. Trophy hunting encourages raising animals in captivity for the sole purpose of killing them, essentially enslaving them. Trophy hunting is unethical. Trophy hunting poses unacceptable levels of risk for humans.

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Should trophy hunting be banned?

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  • Scientists believe trophy hunting is needed to help conservation. Trophy hunting should not be banned, as species conservation will suffer more from doing so, say researchers. A study from the University of Cambridge has said that trophy hunting should not be completely cut out, but regulated instead to generate conservation funding.

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Should you buy hunting earplugs?

  • For a regular hunter, buying a pair of dedicated, custom hunting ear plugs is often a better and more cost-effective option in the long run. Type of Use: The type of hearing protection you get also depends on the way you need to use it — specifically, what you need to hear at any given time.

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When vampires should go hunting?

2 times a day or once a week it just depends on the vampire.

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Why hunting should be legalised?

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Why should trophy hunting be banned?

  • Trophy hunting should be banned because it is an act of animal cruelty and could make the species extinct the animals deserve the right to live unthreatened and peacefully.

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Why hunting should stay legal?

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  • They help control animal populations across the world. Hunting should remain legal for it controls animal population, it is an enjoyable sport, and it is an economical food source. (NRA-ILA) Animal population control is a major factor in today s world. The main resource that government and other associations utilize is hunting.

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