On the arbookfinder how many points does the cryptid hunters by roland smith have?

Kathryn Frami asked a question: On the arbookfinder how many points does the cryptid hunters by roland smith have?
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🌐 Is cryptid hunters by roland smith fiction or nonfiction?

It is fiction.

🌐 How many pages does cryptid hunters have?

it has 348 pages

🌐 Who wrote cryptid hunters?

Roland Smith.

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go to arbookfinder.com if its not there its not an ar book

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When is cryptid hunters 3 going to come out?

September 2012

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When will the next cryptid hunters book come out?

Spring 2012

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Who is the author of the book cryptid hunters?

Roland Smith.

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What will the third book in the cryptid hunters series be called?

elephant runner

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