Is there a hunting log for dark knight?

Ferne Stark asked a question: Is there a hunting log for dark knight?
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Astrologian, Machinist, and Dark Knight are not tied into anything. They're stand alone jobs with no base classes to draw upon on. That's exactly what I am talking about. We don't need a Dragoon or Bard hunting log, as they are just an improved Lancer and Archer respectively.


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  • When hitting a target, it provides experience in the Rifle firearm skill. The hunting rifle is the first firearm to be added to the game and one of three a player may find throughout the regions of Great Bear Island.

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When storing items like clothing, tools, or packaged foods, put them indoors and away from the elements to help keep them in good condition longer. Perishable foods like meat can be stored outside where it's colder so they don't spoil as quickly.

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