Is a 12-gauge or 20 gauge better for turkey hunting?

Hector Yundt asked a question: Is a 12-gauge or 20 gauge better for turkey hunting?
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What is the best gauge for turkey hunting? | shotgun patterning 2019 part 1

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There are several advantages to hunting turkeys with a 20 gauge versus a 12. First of all, most 20 gauges are a pound or two lighter than 12s, and as a result offer faster handling. Twenty-gauge shotguns are also more compact than 12s and usually have shorter barrels.


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🌐 Is 12 or 20 gauge hunting better?

Because the 12-gauge, in general, is faster in exit velocity than the 20-gauge, it will also have a better effective range. Because of that increased range, hunters can place shots with confidence on geese and ducks that may be out of range for users of a 20-gauge shotgun.

🌐 Which is better for hunting ducks 12 gauge or 20 gauge?

  • Whereas larger geese may need BBB or T shot. A 12 gauge shotgun has more range than a 20 gauge shotgun and is a very versatile gauge for different applications. The 20 gauge, however, is very low-recoiling ammo and has an almost equal effect on ducks in close range as a 12 gauge.

🌐 Which is the best gauge for turkey hunting?

  • If you think about it, the 16 gauge is actually a good compromise between the 12 gauge and the 20 gauge. It has a bore diameter that is almost two thirds of an inch, and an ounce of shot from 16 gauge shotgun will create a column that creates a good pattern. The 16 gauge is essentially the perfect gauge for all upland game bird hunting.

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.410 slug vs 20 gauge slug vs 12 gauge shotgun slug

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Which is better for quail hunting a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun?

Either one will be fine. A 20 gauge is generally lighter in weight and will be less tiring to carry.

How can i get better at turkey hunting?
  1. Play it safe at first…
  2. Call aggressively to roosted toms…
  3. Find turkeys by scouting for acorns…
  4. Look for the lone gobbler…
  5. Switch it up on tough toms…
  6. Have a plan before you call…
  7. Bring a backup…
  8. Try gobbling to a gobbler.
Is 28 gauge hunting good?

What is the best gauge for quail hunting?

  • Gauge use may vary for different hunters. Most hunters are successful with Quail hunting using gauges from 28 to 12. The most popular gauge used, however, is the 16 gauge.
What gauge for dove hunting?

What is the best shotgun shell for dove hunting?

  • Browning BPS. Brownells.Com The Browning BPS features a bottom shell ejector,which makes it a good fit for southpaws.
  • Weatherby PA-08 Synthetic. Brownells.Com The Weatherby PA-08 Synthetic is long,accurate,and lightweight…
  • Savage Arms 320 Field Pump Shotgun…
  • Remington 870 Classic Trap…
  • Mossberg 88 Security…
  • Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde…
What gauge for duck hunting?

What is the best gun for duck hunting?

  • If it wasn't already apparent, shotguns, and therefore shotgun shells, are the most popular choices for hunting ducks. Steel is the common material used in duck shot, although tungsten and other blends are being manufactured as well.

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12 gauge vs 20 gauge What gauge for hunting coyotes?
  • Coyotes are hunted and killed with everything from a.22LR to a.30/06 and a 12-gauge. All will work within their limitations. The key is selecting the right load for the cartridge you’re using. Rimfires, though not an ideal choice for coyotes, can certainly work.
Is public land turkey hunting better than private land?
  • Public land turkeys are likely to face more hunting pressure than those on private land with controlled hunting pressure, of course, but the nice thing about public turkey hunting is there is usually plenty of room to roam and escape the pressure.

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The truth about 20 gauge vs. .410 shotguns for squirrel hunting! Is turkey hunting better in the morning or afternoon?

Again, mornings generally provide faster and hotter action with vocal birds making it the preferred time to turkey hunt. The problem with mornings is they fade away and turn into afternoon and afternoons don't always provide the same scenarios… At least there was a chance of killing a bird.

Which is better for turkey hunting tungsten or lead?
  • Tungsten loads are by far a better choice than lead for turkey hunters, including those who balk at the substantial recoil of a 12-gauge 3 ½-inch magnum load pushing 2 ounces of lead pellets. Those giant, shoulder-punishing 3 ½–inch shells simply aren’t necessary.
Is a 20 gauge enough for turkey?

There is one disadvantage to hunting with a 20 gauge instead of a 12, and as you may have already guessed, it is effective range. You will have to work the bird about 10 yards closer—a maximum range of about 30 yards—to make a killing shot… But you may enjoy this added challenge and test of your turkey hunting skills.

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10 gauge vs 12 gauge vs 20 gauge vs 410 (common shotgun comparison video) Is 20 gauge good for hunting?

20 Gauge - Of all the smaller shotguns, the 20 gauge is the most common, ranking right behind the 12 gauge in popularity. With lighter weight and less recoil than a 12 gauge, the 20 gauge shotgun excels at upland and small game hunting. You'll have your pick of gun types and ammunition.

What gauge autoloader for dove hunting?
  • Usually, in the name of efficiency, a 12-gauge semiauto got the call. And it still will at times in the future. For opening day this year, however, I went with a 28-gauge o/u that I thought would make a more refined dove gun than the usual 12-gauge autoloader.
What is better 4 10 or 10 gauge gun?

it depends on what your hunting if hunting squirrels i would go with the 4 10 if hunting duck or turkey i would go with the 10 gauge hope this helps

How to make a small property better for turkey hunting?
  • Small properties are hard to hunt. To increase your success while hunting small properties, or turkeys that you know have had a lot of pressure, the first thing is to slow your pace way down. The last thing you want is to bump turkeys. Spend time calling to birds you hope are in your area.
Can a 20 gauge shotgun kill a turkey?

It's "gauge" and yes.

Is there a 12 gauge mossberg turkey choke?
  • Here’s what we found. The Primos Jelly Head Maximum Turkey Choke was engineered with a 12-gauge shot in mind. As such, there’s no 20-gauge version available. But if you shoot a 12-gauge Mossberg, you’re in for a real treat. With #4 shot, you’ll have a reasonable spread out to 50 yards.
Which is the best 12 gauge turkey shotgun?
  • They have made well over 10 million of them and a lot of specialized models. The 12-gauge 870 SPS Super Mag Turkey edition is a longbeard slayer. Set up with the ShurShot stock and a 20-inch barrel, the SPS holds well against your shoulder and is rock-steady in your hands.
Are 20 gauge shotguns good for hunting?

On the other hand, 20-gauges are great guns for young hunters or new hunters. They will experience less recoil and presumably be getting used to a lighter gun. The shotgun shells are slightly smaller, lighter and shoot a higher density, which is good when targeting faster birds.

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Benelli m2 20 gauge with tss vs. mossberg 12 ga with xr 5 shot What gauge is best for dove hunting?

More people shoot 12-gauge shotguns than anything else, but a 12-gauge is hardly necessary for doves. If you hunt everything, including waterfowl and turkeys, with one shotgun, 12-gauge is the way to go. Otherwise, 20-gauge is more fun and still effective.

What gauge is best for duck hunting?

Within reasonable range, the 20-gauge can be a good waterfowl gun, particularly with some of the premium nontoxic pellets such as Bismuth, Federal Tungsten Iron, Kent Impact, and Remington Hevi-Shot. With steel pellets, the 20-gauge is more range-restricted, but with a beginner, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

What gauge is best for pheasant hunting?
  • While twenty gauges are good for grouse, chukar, and quail, you’re better off with a 12-gauge if you’re hunting pheasants, especially later in the season. If you want to shoot birds, you need to get boots on the ground.
What gauge remington 1100 for dove hunting?
  • “It’s called the 20-gauge Remington 1100.” The 20 gauge is the classic choice for doves, and I would almost bet more doves have been shot in the United States with 20-gauge 1100s than any other gun.
Which is better 12 gauge pump shotgun or a handgun?

Depends what your using it for hunting is the 12 gauge pump shotgun for home defense handgun

Can you hunt a turkey with a 20 gauge?
  • To hunt wild turkeys in most terrains, you will need basic gear. In most states, choices for method of take for turkeys are shotgun, muzzleloader or bow. Thanks to modern turkey loads and turkey chokes, both 12 and 20 gauge do a good job at taking down a turkey.

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