How to get sponsors for hunting show?

Piper Bernhard asked a question: How to get sponsors for hunting show?
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Video answer: How to get and keep sponsors for an outdoor tv show with chad shearer

How to get and keep sponsors for an outdoor tv show with chad shearer

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Start by discovering your niche and building an audience, then begin small by approaching local businesses for potential sponsorship.

  1. Win Contests and Tournaments…
  2. Become a Pro-Staffer…
  3. Shoot Hunting Videos…
  4. Send Sponsorship Inquiries.

How to get a sponsorhip?

  • Getting Sponsored Isn't About Luck Step #1 to get paying sponsors: Creating Your Value Proposition… Step #2 for getting sponsors: Organize Your Existing Contact List… Step #3: Your First Email to Your Existing Contacts… Step #4: How To Send an Effective Pitch Email (That Gets Answered!) Pitch emails are different from emails to your contact list… More items...


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How to get sponsored in the hunting industry | bowmar bowhunting

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