How to get hunting tags in bc?

Savion Lehner asked a question: How to get hunting tags in bc?
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How to get started hunting in bc

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How to get a hunting licence in British Columbia?

  • The person must be a resident of B.C. and hold a resident hunting licence other than an initiation hunting licence. The person must have held a hunting licence in B.C. (other than an initiation hunting licence) or a licence to hunt elsewhere in not fewer than three of any of the licence years preceding the current licence year.

Can you buy a hunting licence online in BC?

  • The Province has introduced electronic-based hunting licences. You can now buy your licences online, or at some vendor locations. When you buy a licence, the licence information is associated to your online Fish and Wildlife profile. Only species licences will continue to be paper-based.


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7 step guide on how to hunt in bc

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Update: moose harvest for bc hunters slashed