How to be a tour guide on club penguin but to young?

Summer Wehner asked a question: How to be a tour guide on club penguin but to young?
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🌐 Answers to become a tour guide on club penguin?

If u want to be a tour guide then u have to know all about club penguin so and u have to be 45 days old or older and u have to take the quiz.

🌐 How do you become a tour guide in club penguin?

There is a tour booth were you have to take a test. if you pass the test you get a tour guide hat!

🌐 How do you become a tour guide on club penguin?

When you are 45 days old you go to the ski village and click on the tour guide table and take the quiz and hopfully become a tour guide For more information , go to

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well u have to be the same age as it says to become a tour guide.. then once your the age u take the quiz.. i dont think u can be a tour guide without being that age (from clubpenguin)

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A puffle is 800 coins on Club Penguin.

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You have to be 45 days old or over to become a tour guide. Go to the Ski Village and go to the Tours stand take the test and you are a tour guide! I will be telling you the answers to the quiz on my next answer.

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