How soon start house hunting?

Nigel Carroll asked a question: How soon start house hunting?
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Video answer: Six things to do before you start house hunting

Six things to do before you start house hunting

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How long before my lease is up should I start looking for a house? If you are renting a place and your lease is coming due in the next 5-6 months. That is an ideal time to start looking. It will give you enough time to look for places.


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  • Plus my favorite question, “How motivated are the sellers, and why are they selling?” The average house-hunting time can be a few months so don’t rush it. Keep the houses you look at in a house-hunting binder so that you can look pack on them and compare.

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Video answer: Before you start house-hunting, view this guide.

Before you start house-hunting, view this guide.

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Budget crucial for homebuyers before they start house .