How good of a rifle is marlin revelation model 120 cal.22?

Florida Stamm asked a question: How good of a rifle is marlin revelation model 120 cal.22?
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🌐 Who made the 308 model 235 revelation deer rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values has a store brand chart

🌐 How do you properly clean your marlin model 925m rifle?

use hoppes bore snake in 22 caliber best i have ever used

🌐 How much is your marlin model 9 9mm rifle worth?

$150-$270 for Good or Excellent condition. New in Box is $385

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Reliable and solid performer

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Would a 35 rem caliber marlin 336rc rifle be good for hunting russian boar?

Yes! The .35 Rem. has more than enough knockdown for Russian Boar and most other North American big game. The 200 grain bullet developes 2,000 ft lbs of energy, and can easily take down a boar.

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Did marlin make a 22 mag auto loading rifle?

Yes Marln made a 22 mag auto loder model 922

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What should i do with my stock marlin rifle?

  • With your rifle action slicked up; the finish of your choice applied; stocks replaced, reshaped, or refinished; and those blessed ghost-ring sights installed, it’s time to find the ideal factory load or develop a good handload. Pick ammo loaded with the type of projectiles you want to shoot and test a few different brands.

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What is this rifle worth a squires bingham model 14 22 long rifle in good shape?


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Remington single shot rifle model 40xc?

Contact Remington

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Semi-auto rifle browning model 1?

Please ask a question

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What would be a good scope for a remington model 700 rifle?

It all depends on what you are doing.

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What is the best ammo to use to hunt deer for the marlin 30 30 model 336a lever action rifle?

150 grains plus preferred, but not the Buffalo Bore 190 grain hawk bullet ones, as the are not made to properly mushroom on deer. The 30-30 is the all time #1 gun for deer hunting, and virtually everyone makes ammo for them...but I always leaned to the Hornady 160 grain FTX LeverEvolution or the Federal Premium ammo. You will have to buy as many different brands of ammo as you can afford and shoot them all to see which your rifle prefers. I would not go lower than 120 grains. Fixdeluxe1's Improvment:If you can get it,I recommend 150 Grain and up.Try Winchester ammo its one of the best and if Remington does 30-30 them too.

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Squidman model 16 22rf semi auto rifle?


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What is a model sp1 ar15 rifle?

Variant of the AR-15 manufactured by Colt. It had a 'slab side' lower and no forward assist.

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What is the best youth model rifle?

  • Savage Axis Compact. The Savage Axis Compact is the best youth rifle for people who want a balanced gun. It is reasonably cheap but remains accurate and reliable enough to offer consistent performance for learners. The gun also has a scope mount for people who are ready to move on to more distant targets.

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How many rounds does a lever action 3030 marlin rifle hold?

A marlin lever action 30-30 rifle can hold fife shells in the magazine and one in the chamber.

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What is the range of a 30.30 marlin lever action rifle?

Range? About 2.5-3 miles. Accurate effective range for hunting? About 200 yards.

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What is the value of a marlin 922 22 mag rifle?

50-200 USD

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What is the best youth model deer rifle?

  • Here are seven of the best youth guns this year: Mossberg 500 Super Bantam Deer / Field – Best Youth Shotgun of 2018. This youth 20 gauge rifle is delivered with two barrels: a vent rib barrel of 22 inches that has interchangeable choke tubes and a rifled deer barrel of 24 inches that has adjustable sights.

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What was the first model of winchester rifle?

  • Model 1873 lever action introduced in centerfire and rimfire. Winchester buys rights to Hotchkiss bolt action centerfire. Model 1876 lever action introduced. Oliver Winchester passes on.

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When was the savage 72 rifle model serial?

The Savage/Stevens model 72 crackshot rifle was made from 1972-1989.

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Where can you buy a silencer for a marlin 17 caliber rifle?

Do a web search on "firearms suppressors"

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Is the magnum rifle a good hunting rifle?

  • The faster magnums certainly have a place, but they’re tough on meat when the shots are close, and the recoil can be a factor for some shooters.

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Is the ruger precision rifle a good rifle?

  • With a decent scope, it will hit what you want. Modular – it can accept almost any AR furniture on the market, for further customization. In short, the Ruger Precision Rifle is a budget-friendly, highly accurate precision bolt action rifle that hits the mark when you need it to.

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Is the.22 long rifle a good rifle?

  • As good as the .22 Long Rifle is though, it’s not perfect. Rimfire cartridges like the .22 Long Rifle (as well as the .17 HMR, .22 Short, and .22 WMR) are not as reliable as centerfire cartridges. For this reason, the .22 Long Rifle would not be my first choice for self-defense.

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