How far can a 17 caliber rifle bullet travel?

Taryn Ledner asked a question: How far can a 17 caliber rifle bullet travel?
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🌐 How far can a .223 caliber rifle bullet travel?

@ 3 miles

🌐 How far can a 308 caliber rifle bullet travel?

About 3,400 yards.

🌐 How far will a .243 caliber rifle bullet travel?

the 308 bullet can travel 2km to 25km depending on the gravity pull of the earth

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There are several different .17 caliber catridges- some rimfire, some centerfire.

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How fast does a 8mm rifle bullet travel?

@ 2000 FPS

How far can a 22 caliber bullet travel before the bullet starts to drop?

as far as it wants

Is a .22 caliber bullet bigger than a 7.62 caliber bullet?

A 22 caliber bullet is 22/100 inches in diameter. A 7.62 mm bullet is 30 caliber or 30/100 inches in diameter there is no such thing as a 7.62 caliber bullet

How far a m 16 rifle bullet will travel?

A little over 15,800 feet

How far does a bullet travel from a rifle?

Depends on the caliber of the rifle and the elevation of the barrel above the horizontal. A .22 LR fired at about a 30 degree angle can travel about 1.5 miles. A 30-06 about 4.5 miles.

How far will a 22-250 rifle bullet travel?

About 2,000 yards. No accuracy, just maximum range, when fired at about a 34 degree angle. Will vary depending on rifle and exact loading of the cartridge.

How far will a 7.62x39 sks rifle bullet travel?

In excess of two miles

How fast does a bullet from a rifle travel?

An AR -15 will push a 5.56 2800 feet per second!

How fast does a typical bullet travel from a rifle?

that depends on caliber, bullet weight, powder type, amount of powder, the gun used and other factors.

What is the difference between a .22 caliber bullet and a .32 caliber bullet?

The .22 caliber bullet is ABOUT .22 inches wide. A .32 bullet is about .32 inches wide. The bullet will also be heavier due to size.

Is 38 caliber bullet the diameter?

Close. a .38 caliber is usually closer to .357 caliber.

What caliber bullet for elephant hunting?

What kind of Gun do you need to hunt an elephant?

  • Elephants can cover great distances, so have a comfortable pair of boots. A hunter must know the position of the vitals and brain from multiple angles. A poorly placed shot from even the largest guns will have a negligible effect on the animal. I recommend a .400 caliber with good solids for elephant hunting.
What caliber is a 7.62 bullet?

It's a .30 caliber bullet.

What caliber is a 7.62x54r bullet?

It's a .30 caliber bullet. .30 caliber is the American designation for the size, 7.62 millimeters is the European designation.

What caliber is a mauser bullet?
  • 8mm Mauser ammo (aka 8 x 57mm JS) is a centerfire , rimless, bottle-necked, .323 caliber, rifle cartridge originally adopted by the German military in 1888 and this cartridge continued to serve the German military through WWII. The original cartridge used a .318 diameter bullet (designated JRS) but, in 1905,...
What is a 270 caliber bullet?
  • .270 Winchester Short Magnum. The 270 Winchester Short Magnum or 270 WSM is a short, unbelted, magnum cartridge created by necking down the .300 Winchester Short Magnum and fitting it with a .277 caliber bullet.
What is the highest caliber bullet?

The highest caliber bullet commonly used is a .50 cal. However, there are bullet that are larger in caliber. the 700 Nitro express comes to mind.

What is the lowest caliber bullet?

In the usual sense of caliber, it means the diameter of the bullet. The smallest commercial caliber is the .17 rimfire, but there have been MUCH smaller caliber firearms, down to the 1-2 mm range. That is about .05 to .10 caliber.

What is bigger 7.62 mm bullet or 50 caliber bullet?

If you shot a 50 caliber bullet at a 7.62mm bullet and they hit dead on, you prbly wouldn't even know the 7.62mm bullet exsisted because the 50 caliber bullet would sh!t f*ck the 7.62mm bullet , short answer- 50 cal. Look up a ammo size comparison chart

Is a 22 caliber bullet be fired from 45 caliber?


If a bullet travels at 1100 fps how far would a 50 caliber travel?

a s.w.50 caliber or ( special weapons ) also known as the snipers weapon and is about 5.45" in length, either it has a red, black, silver or blue tip That really didn't answer the question. Here is what you need to consider when trying to answer this question. #1 What is the weight of the bullet? If you're talking about a 750 grain .50 BMG, then it would not travel very far. Is this a Beowulf .50 cal or a Browning Machine Gun .50 cal? You can get exterior ballistics software on-line to calculate exactly what your looking for.

How big is a 50 caliber bullet?

Any bullet that has a diameter of one half inch is a .50 caliber bullet. There are different .50 caliber bullets- my Hawken muzzle loading rifle shoots a .50 caliber lead bullet, but different from the .50 Browning Machine Gun (that is also used in the .50 Barret sniper rifle)