How does jack prepare to go hunting in lord of the flies?

Eliezer Haley asked a question: How does jack prepare to go hunting in lord of the flies?
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🌐 Why is jack from lord of the flies so intent on hunting?

Why is jack so intent on hunting from lord of the flies

🌐 What weapon does jack posses on the lord of the flies?

A hunting knife, which he uses to make several wooden spears.

🌐 Describe the eerie feeling jack describes about hunting in lord of the flies?

He tells Ralph that sometimes when he is hunting alone he feels as though he is no longer the hunter but that something behind him is hunting him. Which was your mom. ha ha just kidding.

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he puts paint all over his face

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What are some quotes about hunting in lord of the flies?

I love you babe come together and unite

What do the hunting rituals symbolize in lord of the flies?

hunting basically symbolize two things that are savagery and food/meat.

Who considers hunting a primary objective in lord of the flies?


Why is jacks hunting triumph marred in lord of the flies?

The hunters, who were supposed to keep the fire, let the fire out when a ship came by. So, the irony is that instead of watching the fire, tending to it, keeping it alive, and escaping the island on the ship, they prevailed in a hunt which eventually lead to the downfall of life on the island.

Why does jack say hunting is the most important thing to do instead of keeping the fire burning in lord of the flies?

the fire will go out and can not cook !

How does jack describe hunting?

As chapter 3 opens, Jack is hunting. He is described as being bent over in a sprinter's stance.

How does jack feel about hunting?

Jack feels that hunting is very important because they want meet and he really wants to kill the pig.

Who considers hunting a primary objective in the book lord of the flies?

Jack and the other hunters

What makes ralph angry when jack returns from the first successful pig hunt in lord of the flies?

The hunters let the fire die. While they were away hunting, a ship passed by. The ship didn't detect them because there was no fire. It was Jack and the hunters' responsibility to keep the fire going.

In lord of the flies how does golding use verisimilitude in the description of jack's hunting adventure?

By including in his description details about Jack's appearence, behaviour and discomfort. Examples might be... "Then dog-like, uncomfortable on all fours yet unheeding his discomfort..." "... and his bare back was a mass of dark freckles and peeling sunburn." "They were bright blue, eyes that in his frustration seemed bolting and nearly mad."

Why does ralph join the boar hunt in lord of the flies?
  • But when he joins the boar hunt in this chapter, Ralph is unable to avoid the instinctive excitement of the hunt and gets caught up in the other boys’ bloodlust. In this scene, Golding implies that every individual, however strong his or her instinct toward civilization and order, has an undeniable, innate drive toward savagery as well.
Who are the hunters in lord of the flies?
  • In Lord of the Flies, Jack and his hunters are in charge of maintaining the signal fire. However, Jack dismisses his hunters of their duties in favor of hunting pigs, and the signal fire goes out. Samneric then abandon their post after seeing the "beast," and Ralph and Piggy assume responsibility.
How does jack costume himself for hunting?

He takes this sort of powder/paint substance from plants and smears on his face like a red indian.

What feeling does jack express about hunting?

Jack admits that he feels like he is the one being hunted when he's hunting for meat. he also says he knows there is nothing to it really.

What revelation does jack have about hunting?

Jack tells Ralph and Simon, "If you're hunting sometimes you catch yourself feeling as if— . . . ... But you can feel as if you're not hunting, but—being hunted, as if something's behind you all the time in the jungle" (Golding, 73).

What do the hunters represent in lord of the flies?

The hunters represent the savage side of human nature. They become more and more animalized as the story goes on.

What is the mock hunt in lord of the flies?

mock hunt means a way of hunting in which acting like mock,and create voices like hue,haw etc. during this hunting they make fun and play in uncivilized way and not showing any manners.

What was the boar hunt in lord of the flies?
  • The boar hunt and the game the boys play afterward provide stark reminders of the power of the human instinct toward savagery.
Which is the last hunt in lord of the flies?
  • This, of course, is not the last hunt; they have gained a dangerous confidence that will enable them to kill (both a pig and a boy) later in the book. In Chapter 7, the boys enact a mock-hunt in which they pretend Roger is the pig. The boys circle around him, driving their spears into the ground.
What mistake does jack make in his hunting?

Near the beginning of the book Jack and his hunters leave the fire to hunt, and it goes out and a ship went by. He placced getting meat higher then getting rescued.

What is the target of the boys hunting in chapter 12 of lord of the flies?

The boys hunt for Ralph as an order of Jack.

Are jack russells hunting dogs?
  • Jack Russell Terriers nowadays are mostly raised as pets or show dogs, they are at heart fox-hunting dogs. Jack Russells are extremely loyal, fearless, energetic, cheerful, bold and intelligent dogs.
Why is the mock hunt important in lord of the flies?
  • This mock hunt is significant because it helps expand the group mentality that is developing within the boys and the thirst for violence that is lurking behind their carefully constructed exteriors.
What is more important for the boys hunting for meat or shelters in lord of the flies?

They are both important because without one of them they won't be able to live comfortably.