Does gale like katniss in the hunger games?

Samara Ritchie asked a question: Does gale like katniss in the hunger games?
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🌐 Why did katniss and gale like to hunt?

  • Their love of hunting also reveals their shared survival skills and rejection of authority, as hunting is illegal in Panem. Neither Katniss nor Gale are ever likely to follow the rules set out for them.

🌐 What do gale and katniss have in common in the hunger games?

appearance, love for their family, responsibility over their family, hunting

🌐 Who is gale hunger games?

Gale has been Katniss's best and only friend since he was 14 and she was 12 when they meet while hunting in the woods behind the fence.

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Yes it is evident that Gale has feelings that surpass friendship towards Katniss

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What made katniss and gale an effective hunting team?

there love!

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Why are katniss and gale an affective hunting team?

Katniss can shoot arrows and hit the intended target with great precision, Gale is less precise. Gale can make snares, which Katniss could not, and he teaches her how.

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Why are katniss and gale an effective hunting team?

Katniss and Gale are a good and effective hunting team because they both provide/bring qualities that put together can help them hunt well.

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What does gale mean when he says the hunger games is just hunting?

To calm Katniss down, he's trying to show that killing someone in the games is just like killing an animal for hunting.

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Who was katniss everdeen dating in the hunger games?

  • When she isn't surviving the Hunger Games or fighting a war, Katniss Everdeen considers two romantic prospects in Gale Hawthorne and Peeta Mellark. With a prequel having just come out, many are revisiting the franchise once again, reliving the romance, adventure, and political satire.

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Explain what makes katniss and gale an effective hunting team?

Why are Katniss and Gale an effective hunting team? They both bring together good qualities to hunt together. ... She tells Katniss to be herself and pretend like she is talking to Cinna.

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How does katniss feel about her chance of winning in the hunger games?

Not very confident although in the beginning Gale tries to convince her that it is only hunting. Katniss promises Prim she will try.

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What hunting techniques do katniss use in the hunger games?

Katniss can shoot with a bow and arrow, hunt, and throw knives. She also heals Peeta in the first book

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What was katniss good at in the book hunger games?

Archery and hunting to feed her mother and younger sister after her father died in a mine explosion

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What does archery look like in the hunger games?

  • The Hunger Games is set in a post-apocalyptic society. Have you ever thought about what archery might look like in that situation? Archery is a primal activity. The basic principles of archery are the same now as they were thousands of years ago. You have to have good alignment, solid anchor, and a solid bow arm.

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What kind of hunting did gale use that katniss had to learn?


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What did katniss say at the beginning of the hunger games?

  • 8 "Thank You For Your Consideration." When Katniss is first introduced in The Hunger Games, she is a spunky, outspoken, and courageous person who doesn't care about pleasing other people. The training before the Games is the first instance where this becomes clear.

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How come katniss doesn't run out of arrows in the hunger games?

She had 12. She used them wisely though, and after hunting I think takes the arrows out and uses them again. She only kills two people using her arrows.

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How katniss knows how to set trap in the hunger games book?

She started hunting since she was young and met Gale while in the woods. Gale then taught her how to build traps and snares

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Who taught katniss how to make snares and traps to the hunger games?

Gale Hawthorne as her closest friend, taught Katniss how to set up snares and traps for hunting. in return, katniss taught him how to do archery. the snares and traps that katniss learned from him came in handy during the Hunger Games

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Where all do katniss and gale go after they are finished hunting to sell and trade?

Katniss and Gale go to the hob, which the black market in District 12

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What are the most important skills that katniss has for staying alive the hunger games film?

She can hunt and hunting is how she has kept her and her family alive after her father's death in a mine explosion

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What does katniss wear when hunting?

Her dad's old leather jacket

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Does katniss use a bow an arrow?

Yes. She uses a simple recurve bow,

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How does peeta compare to gale as a hunting partner?

he is loud and clumsy, while gale has a "leather tread"

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