Does any company make 58 caliber black powder pellets?

Doyle Nolan asked a question: Does any company make 58 caliber black powder pellets?
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🌐 How much ffg powder load for a 44 caliber black powder revolver?

fill it all the way up get 1000 fps no worry about blowing up

🌐 Can you shoot 25 caliber pellets from 22 caliber air rifle?

No. They will not fit. Trying to force a pellet of an incorrect caliber into an airgun can break it and potentially hurt the user.

🌐 When does deer hunting black powder?

  • Black Powder Hunting for Texas Deer Most hunters do not realize that Texas has a special black powder season hunting season for white-tailed deer. In most cases, it takes place after the general hunting season, but it could be well worth the wait.

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don't believe any such item as 58 cal. black powder pellets. but, there is a 58 cal. slug for the 58 cal. black powder rifle

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What kind of black powder do you use in a black powder colt 36 cal 1858 pistol?

Either FFFg black powder or Pyrodex P may be used.

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What is the value of a armi san marco 1860 colt army brass 44 caliber black powder revolver?

depending on condition $150 - $250

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What caliber rifle for black bear hunting?

handgun bear hunt background

For black bears, in country where there is no grizzly presence, the popular deer and elk cartridges will certainly work very well; a . 308 Winchester or . 30-06 Springfield loaded with a 165- or 180-grain spitzer bullet will handle black bears.

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When was the black powder hunting cartridge made?

  • It is quite revealing that Whelen included that information in 1923 – almost 30 years after the introduction of the much higher velocity commercial smokeless hunting cartridges like the .30-30 and .303 Savage. It shows that even at that later date, the old black powder cartridge still had a following.

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Does an air rifle shoot plastic pellets?

An AIRSOFT Rifle shoots plastic BBs. An Air rifleshoots steel BBs or lead pellets. Airsoft guns and rifles have an Orange or Red tip on the barrel. BB guns and pellet guns / rifles do not have a red or orange tip on the barrel.

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What caliber is best for black bear hunting?

kill zone black bear shot placement diagram shot placement black bear vitals

  • 4 | 7mm-08 Rem. This caliber was introduced approximately 40 years ago…
  • 5 | . 308 Win…
  • 6 | . 30-06 SPRG…
  • 7 | . 300 Win Mag…
  • 8 | . 338 Win Mag…
  • 9 | . 35 Whelen…
  • 10 | . 375 Ruger…
  • 1 | 6.5 Creedmoor. This is the “new kid on the block.” Born in 2007, it isn't an old ammo option.

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What is the best caliber for black bear?

  • To make a precise shot using a muzzle loader, a hard cast 300 grain .45 bullet is reliable to do a perfect job. The Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting with are .35 Remington and .45 upwards.Happy shopping as you shop the above Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting.

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Can you carry a black powder handgun in tn?

If you have a handgun carry permit, definitely. The handgun carry permit covers "any handgun that you legally own or posses."

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Is the remington model 700 black powder rifle good?


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What company made the barret 50 caliber sniper rifle?

You probably just said it. A Winchester 30-30 caliber rifle is made by Winchester.

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What shoots out pellets?

Pellet guns and Pellet rifles.

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Can a felon carry a black powder pistol in tennessee?

Of course they can carry one, that does not mean they are allowed to do so.

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Does weatherby make a hunting rifle in 270 mag caliber?

  • Founded by legendary hunter Roy Weatherby, Weatherby Firearms produces some particularly high-quality rifles like the Mark V and the Vanguard models. Chambered in a wide variety of cartridges, including many common rounds like.270 Winchester ,.30-06, and.300 Win Mag, these rifles are known for their accuracy, reliability and sturdy construction.

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Can a felon hunt with a black powder rifle in alabama?

Can a felon carry a black powder pistol in Alabama? - Quora. Actually, the answer is, if it is a black powder pistol that is not classified as a firearm, it is not illegal federally for a felon to posses it, however, you would need to verify Alabama state law to see what the state laws are about carrying a pistol.

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In nebraska can a convicted felon own a black powder rifle?

yes anything that you dont have to get a back ground check for you can hunt with or have Mostly correct however some areas prohibit felons from hunting or obtaining a hunting permit. It is always best to check with a lawyer that is familiar with local hunting and gun laws.

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Where can you find parts for a monarch black powder rifle?


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How does a rifle caliber mean?

The correct size of the bullet that fits the rifle.

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Did universal make a m-1 30 caliber?

The Universal company did make a civilian version of the M1 Carbine. Not all of the Universals use the same parts as the military issue M1 carbine. Please note this is caliber .30 Carbine, and not the 30-06 caliber of the M1 Garand rifle.

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What .177 pellets are best for hunting?

  • Crosman DS177 Destroyer: Best Overall 177 Pellets.
  • H&N Terminator Hollow Points: Most Accurate 177 Pellets.
  • Crosman Premier Super Points: Best for the Budget.
  • GAMO Red Fire: Best for Hunting Rabbits.

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What are air rifle pellets made of?

The most common target air rifle pellets are made of lead, although other materials such as tin, steel alloys or even plastic are used for pellets.

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What are the best air rifle pellets?

Air Rifle pellets come in 4 basic types. Flat nose(Wadd-cutters) for targets. Pointed for distance. Hollow point for hunting and Round point pellets are a universal pellet. They also come in different weights. Light weighted pellets will fly faster but have a tendency to drift off target over a long distance. Heaver pellets fly slower but straighter as a general rule. Obviously a heavy pellet has more knockdown power than a light pellet.You need to try different pellets in your rifle. It has been found that some pellets respond better and differently in different air rifles. So you need to try a variety to find out which one is best for your rifle.

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What pellets are best for rabbit hunting?

There are several companies that make hunting pellets for airguns ( Don't use BB's they are not for hunting) I suggest H&M Rabbit Magnum, Crosman Hunting pellets, Benjamin 10.5 hollow point pellets or Beeman hollow point to name a few.

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What's the best hunting pellets for.177?

  • These pellets are at the top of our .177 list for numerous reasons. Offering phenomenal expansion, the Predator Polymag hunting pellets are built with an aggressive hollow point that will take down your prey quickly. The hollow head is paired with a sharp polymer tip that delivers for penetration and humane kills.

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Which caliber is from largest to smallest a 380 caliber a 32 caliber and a 40 caliber?

.40 S&W cartridge, bullet diameter = .401" .380 ACP cartridge, bullet diameter = .355-.356" .32 ACP cartridge, bullet diameter = .311 - .312"

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Does a .177 caliber rifle have recoil?

A .177 caliber air rifle has very little recoil.

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