Does alabama have good duck hunting?

Jake Wuckert asked a question: Does alabama have good duck hunting?
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Alabama may not have the duck populations as our northern and eastern cooler climate neighbors, however, it is very much a favored outdoor recreational activity amongst many avid waterfowl hunters throughout our state.


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🌐 Does michigan have good duck hunting?

Whether you're on the big water or one of our thousands of inland lakes and wetlands, Michigan is your waterfowl hunting destination. With 15 DNR-managed public waterfowl management areas and high quality wetlands on game areas across southern Michigan, there are plenty of opportunities to fill your bag.

🌐 Is there duck hunting in alabama?

To hunt waterfowl in Alabama, you must have the following: Hunting License (unless exempt) Federal Duck Stamp… Wildlife Management License, IF hunting on a WMA (unless exempt)

🌐 Why duck hunting is good?

The most obvious answer is that waterfowl hunters are an important source of revenue for state and federal conservation programs… Hunters also contribute to wetlands conservation by managing private lands for waterfowl.

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Does connecticut have good hunting?

Connecticut continues to provide great hunting opportunities at a reasonably low cost with a recent change occurring on many state lands that expanded the deer hunting season from nine days to 18 days.” It isn't a big state, but there are plenty of areas to chase public-land whitetails.

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Does utah have good hunting?

Utah has some of the best hunting in the country, with a variety of species and opportunities available.

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What states have best duck hunting?

  • Nebraska…
  • Minnesota…
  • Maryland…
  • North Dakota…
  • Mississippi…
  • Illinois…
  • Arkansas…
  • Louisiana. Between the delta, flooded timber, and the coastal wing-shooting, Louisiana has arguably the best duck hunting there is anywhere in North America.

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When does duck hunting end?

december 9th

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When does duck hunting open?

deer hunting duck hunting wallpaper

  • Dusky ducks can be hunted beginning five days after the start of the Regular Season for the North Zone, South Zone and the High Plains Mallard Management Unit. See table above for legal dusky duck hunting dates.

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Are black labs good for duck hunting?

Labs are phenomenal duck hunters, but they aren't the right duck hunting breed for everyone. Be sure that you are up for this dog's extremely high drive and energy before you choose it for your duck hunting companion.

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Are brittany spaniel good for duck hunting?

hunting dog breeds duck hunting dog breeds

My brittany was much better as a duck dog than he was an upland dog. They love the water. He wasn't a good late season duck dog, but if we were quail hunting and found a pond you lost him for 10 minutes while he swam.

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Are springer spaniels good for duck hunting?

hunting dogs

Although they are traditionally used as upland flushing dogs, many springer spaniels also do well retrieving birds such as ducks. Your energetic Springer is undeniably eager and up for the challenge.

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Is a stoeger good for duck hunting?

20 gauge shotgun hunting rifle

Stoeger M3000

Another semi-automatic shotgun option, this is a good gun to consider for waterfowlers who also want something for upland game birds and turkeys… At around $500-600, this is a good mid-priced option for waterfowl hunters looking for a solid gun for under a grand.

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Is duck hunting good in the rain?

Despite the popular misbelief that rain and wind prevent you from successful duck hunting, if properly prepared, they can be a hunter's best-friend. As a matter of fact, hunting in the rain keeps ducks flying low, making your job even easier.

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Is ohio a good duck hunting state?

For those who don't have access to hunt clubs, Ohio still has some quality waterfowl hunting opportunities at controlled waterfowl hunts… Most of the best hunting in the state is in the Lake Erie/Sandusky Bay area in the northwest and along the Ohio River in the south. Goose hunting in Ohio can be pretty good.

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Is there good duck hunting in ohio?

For those who don't have access to hunt clubs, Ohio still has some quality waterfowl hunting opportunities at controlled waterfowl hunts… Most of the best hunting in the state is in the Lake Erie/Sandusky Bay area in the northwest and along the Ohio River in the south. Goose hunting in Ohio can be pretty good.

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Is there good duck hunting in tennessee?

The Tennessee Valley—located as it is in the east coast migration flyway zone—is the perfect place for hunting waterfowl. Here, five TVA hunting experts share their best tips for bagging the birds… But many other TVA lands in the Valley can be good for duck hunting, too, Allsbrooks says.

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Is virginia a good duck hunting state?

Much like South Carolina, Virginia's eastern coast probably elevates the state to a B grade. The Chesapeake Bay area is a classic waterfowling mecca and still offers good shooting today. Mallards top the harvest list, but Old Dominion hunters also take good numbers of woodies, gadwalls, black ducks and other puddlers.

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Where is some good duck hunting at?

all over the country mainly in cumbria, Scotland (dumfirres mainly)

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What kind of hunting style does a duck have?

Ducks like all waterfowl are typically hunted from a concealed location (I.E, A blind.) Blinds can be placed anywhere that ducks tend to use. Flooded fields, Timber and marsh areas are the most popular choice. Using decoys, which are wood, cork, styrofoam and now days plastic replicas of a live duck. Waterfowl hunters also use duck calls with their decoys. The calls are typically made out of woods, most of which are rare, poly-plastics and acrylics. The art of duck calling or using the duck call takes many years if not decades to master. There are competitions held all over the world. The World duck Calling Championship is held in the "Duck Capital of the World, Stuttgart, Arkansas. Hunters use shotguns to take their game once called into their decoys, which must be exactly right given conditions, sun, moon, and wind. some shot guns range from 10gague all the way to 4-10 gauge. Using Pump-Action, Simi-Auto, Over under, Side by side and single shot shotguns. Duck hunting is a way of life, and one of the most economically friendly sports there is. duck hunters carry a passion for their sport and are indeed sportsmen and women.

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How many acres of hunting land does alabama have?

  • Alabama has tremendous natural diversity with more than 1.3 million acres of public hunting land and some of the most liberal seasons and bag limits in the nation.

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Does minnesota have good deer hunting?

The Minnesota DNR alone offers nearly 1.3 million acres of wildlife management areas (opens in new window) throughout the state, many of which offer high-quality deer hunting

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Does montana have good deer hunting?

While we may be biased as natives of the state, many visitors agree that you'll find the best deer hunting in Montana. Montana whitetail hunting, in our region especially, offers some of the finest conditions around compared to the rest of the country.

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Does nebraska have good deer hunting?

Deer Hunting in Nebraska:

Good food sources, and genetics. Nebraska is less expensive in general and travel to this state is easy. Both rifle and archery seasons fall during the rut in Nebraska allowing terrific opportunity for a trophy of a lifetime.

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Does netflix have good will hunting?

Yes you can watch Good Will Hunting on Netflix. You can use the Netflix app on your phone, computer, SmartTV or whatever other way you access Netflix to watch Good Will Hunting streaming online.

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