Does a killer whale have any special body parts it uses to eat hunt or build a home?

Deanna Renner asked a question: Does a killer whale have any special body parts it uses to eat hunt or build a home?
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🌐 Does japan still whale hunt?

  • Still, whaling continues despite a commercial ban imposed by the IWC , the body formed in 1946 to monitor the fate of whales. However, Japan is allowed to hunt whales annually under Article VIII of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. The Japanese government says it's studying whale populations.

🌐 Does anything hunt killer whales?

Killer Whales

But the true ruler of the sea is the killer whale. Killer whales are apex predators, which means they have no natural predators.

🌐 Does the female killer whale do all the hunting?


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Yes, they have black and white pacthes that help the killer whale confuse its prey while hunting.

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What do you do if you catch a killer whale in a fishing net?

you are supposed to let it go, because hunting endangered species is illegal

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Why was the blue whale considered too dangerous to hunt?

  • Blue Whale: Considered too dangerous to hunt mostly, but some of the more brave hunters went after this whale because, it is bigger and so it provides more blubber, meat and bone.

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What does whale hunting mean?

old whale hunting whale hunting cartoon

  • Whale hunting is the practice of hunting whales for their meat, oil, and various body parts. The practice of hunting whales has existed for more than 5,000 years.

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How do dolphins know when killer whales are on the hunt?

  • When hunting down their prey in ruthless fashion, orca let out a “human-like” scream, and it turns out that the dolphins they hunt know that this means they could be next. By playing wild dolphins the death cry of the killer whales, researchers were able to observe as the cetaceans swam for their lives.

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Where does whale hunting take place?

whale hunting mainly takes place in Japan. although it is quite common in smaller places as they do not have access to resources. +++ The hunting grounds are far from Japan, but Japan and Norway are the two main commercial whaling nations now.

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Is the entire whale used in whale hunting?

Not always. The blubber is used for oil, and the whale bone can be used for carvings and other things. The rest of the whales body is thrown overboard.

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What adaptations do killer whales have for hunting?

theyre FAST

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Do you need a special licence to hunt in alberta?

  • In Alberta, you can hunt some big game species by purchasing a general (over-the-counter) licence. Other species are not as straightforward and you need a special licence. A special licence permits you to hunt a specific type of big game animal in a specific WMU. To get a special licence, you must be successful in the draw system.

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Japanese whale hunting?

Japan continues to hunt whales despite their endangered status. Today, whale meat makes up one-quarter of the Japanese diet. Seemingly, the more other countries chastise the country for whaling, the more it hunts this endangered animal.

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Does crossbow weed killer kill your grass?

NO, Crossbow has no effect on grasses.

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Did aprhodite have a special weapon?

yeah. a dead fish soaked in pop with a little red button on it.

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What will happen to the people who hunt whales if whale hunting stops?

They will have to find a new job or be arrested if they continue to hunt them.

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Is whale hunting illegal in some parts of the world and if so then where?

I don't know, but I think that in Japan and Norway, they are whaling nations, that's it.

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Can a special hunt permit be used anywhere in the state?

  • Yes. The authorization you receive from one of the special hunts allows you to participate in that special hunt. It does not preclude you from hunting anywhere else in the state during your open season; however, you must adhere to the one buck restriction statewide and the bag limits for that deer permit area.

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Do you need special license to hunt albino deer in tennessee?

  • Hunters with a  Sportsman License, Lifetime Sportsman, Sr. Citizen with Type 166 & 167 licenses, and landowners hunting on their own land do not need the Special Season permit. Albino Deer Hunting, trapping or possession of albino deer is prohibited as set forth in TCA 70-4-130.

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What special adaptation does the hawk have when hunting for food?


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How does blue whale hunting heart the ecosystem?

How does the blue whale play a role in the ecosystem?

  • As a great surprise to many, the Blue Whale’s poop plays a vital role in the ecosystem as this great mammal plays the role of a nutrient cycler, helping to cycle nutrients, specifically carbon throughout the sea.

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When does a ghost have a chance to hunt?

  • If is less than 50, the Ghost cannot initiate a Hunt. If the resulting is between 50 and 75, the Ghost has a 16.6% (1/6) chance to initiate a Hunt. Otherwise, if the resulting is equal to or greater than 75, the Ghost will instead have a 25% (1/4) chance to Hunt.

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Advantages on whale hunting?

Advantages on whale hunting: After researching this for my own coursework I found that there aren't so many advantages to whale hunting as there is disadvantages. An advantage is that it provides food for the small communities up in Alaska for instance as many of the families have the meat as there main source of food. Whales are also used in many products such as perfume, lipstick and other beauty products.

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Is whale hunting illegal?

i believe it is, but not 100% sure. if you watch whale wars, they never have cops or anything waiting at the docks....

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Is whale hunting legal?

whale hunter traditional whale hunting

yes it is

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Is whale hunting necessary?


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What hunts killer whales?

Orcas or killer whales have no natural predators.

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Which special characteristics of the egret are used to hunt for food?

for hunting

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