Can you hunt with a bow in massachusetts?

Weston Berge asked a question: Can you hunt with a bow in massachusetts?
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Hunting implements

Archery: Archery equipment may be used during all deer hunting seasons. All bows, (recurve, long, and compound) except permitted crossbows, must have a draw weight of at least 40 lbs at 28 inches or at peak draw. Crossbows may be used by certain permanently disabled persons by permit only.


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🌐 Can you hunt with a shotgun in massachusetts?

No possession of a shotgun shell loaded with a slug, sabot, single ball, buckshot (any size), except during the open seasons when deer may be hunted with a shotgun, or on a skeet, trap, or target range between sunrise and sunset.

🌐 Why hunt in massachusetts?

  • The appeal of Massachusetts hunting is more than just the sport. The ability to enjoy some iconic places of American history gives great added benefit to hunting Massachusetts. **Massachusetts uses hunting zones for turkey harvests. Season start dates vary by location.

🌐 Can you hunt with a bow and arrow in massachusetts?

  • Once you get the permit, you can never use a conventional bow and arrow to hunt in Massachusetts again. The application is subject to a review by a medical review board. This would be at the expense of the applicant.

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When is the best time to hunt massachusetts deer?
  • However, there can be a lot of daylight deer activity during the weeks leading up to and during the rut as bucks search for receptive does. The peak of breeding typically occurs between the 1 st – 3 rd weeks of November in Massachusetts, but rutting behavior can be seen before and after this period.
Can a convicted felon hunt in the state of massachusetts?
  • Many states also do not require specific permits to hunt with guns. A few states, such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island, do have laws that prohibit certain felons from hunting and/or require would-be hunters to obtain separate permits for hunting and possessing firearms.
Do you need a gun license to hunt in massachusetts?
  • Non-residents with a valid Massachusetts non-resident hunting license do not need a firearm license to possess or carry rifles and shotguns and ammunition during the hunting season.
Do you need a hunting license to hunt in massachusetts?
  • If a tag is required, as it is for hunting deer, bear, and turkey, hunters must carry a paper copy of the tag attached to the appropriate documentation (i.e. license or permit). Who needs a license? If you’re 15 or older, you need a hunting license. You must be at least 12 to hunt in Massachusetts.
Do you need a license to bow hunt in massachusetts?

If you're 15 or older, you need a hunting license. You must be at least 12 to hunt in Massachusetts. Hunters ages 12-14 must be accompanied by a licensed hunter who is 18 or older, and must share a single firearm/bow and a single bag.

Do you need a stamp to hunt deer in massachusetts?
  • Licensed hunters need an archery season stamp to hunt deer during the archery season and a primitive firearms stamp during the primitive firearms season. Click here for all deer hunting regulations.
Do you need hunt liscense for bow hunting in massachusetts?

Who needs a license? If you're 15 or older, you need a hunting license. You must be at least 12 to hunt in Massachusetts. Hunters ages 12-14 must be accompanied by a licensed hunter who is 18 or older, and must share a single firearm/bow and a single bag.

How close to a house can you hunt in massachusetts?

Massachusetts law prohibits a person from possessing a loaded firearm or hunting by any means on another person's land within 500 feet of a dwelling in use, unless allowed by the dwelling's owner or occupant (Mass.

How old do you have to be to hunt massachusetts?
  • Youth hunters, 12 to 17 years of age, must follow regulations specific to their age. Learn about how to buy a minor hunting license online or in person. Get information about youth hunt days and programs in Massachusetts as well as rules about minor firearms licensing.
What time of day can you hunt raccoons in massachusetts?
  • Raccoon and opossum may be hunted 24 hours per day. Except on WMAs stocked with pheasant or quail during the pheasant or quail season, the hunting hours for raccoon and opossum are from 9:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M. To hunt raccoon and opossum in Massachusetts you must have a license, which you can buy through MassFishHunt.
Do you need a license to hunt gray squirrels in massachusetts?
  • To hunt gray squirrel in Massachusetts you must have the certain licenses, which you can buy through MassFishHunt. You can buy the license you need through MassFishHunt. When hunting gray squirrel on WMA’s stocked with pheasant or quail, only shotguns and archery equipment are allowed during the pheasant or quail season.
Do you need permission to hunt on private property in massachusetts?
  • You must get written permission to hunt on posted property. Railroad and utility corridors aren’t public rights-of-way. Permission is required to access this property. Thanks, your message has been sent to Division of Fisheries and Wildlife! Would you like to provide additional feedback to help improve
When is the best time to hunt a coyote in massachusetts?
  • Before you go hunting for coyote, be sure you know the rules. This page contains regulations for hunting coyote in Massachusetts. All dates inclusive. Hunting on Sundays is prohibited. Hunting hours begin ½ hour before sunrise and end at midnight. There are two exceptions for this:
Can felons hunt with crossbows?

Properly licensed convicted felons may hunt with bows, crossbows and airguns during hunting seasons when such devices are legal… Convicted felons should be cautious about being in a location where a firearm is present as they may be in constructive possession of that firearm.

Can you hunt with flintlock?

Hunting with a flintlock rifle is damn hard. Of all the talk of Daniel Boone “barking squirrels” from fifty yards and America's dead-eye frontiersmen shooting the heads of nails or snuffing candles in the night with lead balls, the weapon by its very nature makes accurate shooting extremely difficult.

Do you hunt with buckshot?
  • When used the right way, you can hunt a deer with buckshot. Firstly, you have to know the trick to judge the range you are shooting from without the use of a device called the range finder. If you can see the eye of the deer from wherever you are, you are likely within 50 yards. The thing is the shell you are using on the gun.
How to hunt with boomerangs?
  • The Procedure - Hunting With A Boomerang First Things First. The first step you must take when Hunting With A Boomerang is locating the animal you want to hit… Keeping Ample Distance. Distance yourself from the animal and take it down without putting yourself where the animal can see you. Position Your Body Properly… Apply Maximum Force…
Can you hunt on your own land without a license in massachusetts?

Barring a town regulation, in Massachusetts you don't need permission to hunt on private land that is not posted against trespass. However, it's strongly recommended that you ask the landowner and get written permission well in advance.

What kind of license do you need to hunt deer in massachusetts?
  • Antlerless Deer Permit required for hunting any deer without antlers or with antlers less than 3 inches in length. Resident Minor Hunting license or Non-Resident Big Game License which are only available at a license vendor and parental consent is required.
Can i hunt deer with buckshot?

It is not legal to hunt big game with buckshot in many places, probably due to the fact that so many hunters wound and lose deer by shooting them with buckshot at too long of a range. If this is the case where you hunt, the choice is simple: use a slug.

Can i hunt with my slingshot?
  • Can I hunt with my slingshot? Yes, slingshots have been responsible for putting many a meal on the table and the challenge of hunting with a slingshot is addictive. However, hunting with a slingshot requires considerable skill and respect for your prey.
Can you hunt deer with 7.62x39?
  • 7.62X39 is fine for deer so long as your not taking real long shots, just make sure you use hunting ammo. Use good soft-point ammo and practice with the ammo you're planning to hunt with. The 7.62x39 is fine out to 150 and can be stretched farther (maybe 200, 250) if you practice enough to become proficient.
Can you hunt elk with calls?
  • Hunting elks using calls is one of the many ways both novice and skilled hunters can expand their chances of having a successful hunt. To make this tactic successful, you must understand elk language and vocalizations and know exactly when to use them on the hunt. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.