Can a 308 shoot through brush?

Leanna D'Amore asked a question: Can a 308 shoot through brush?
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Shooting through brush

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308 bolt action (IMHO) is not a brush gun, as the bolt action is a LOT MORE SLOW getting a second shot, which is often needed in heavy brush.


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🌐 A 308 hunting elk?

  • A.308 offers deep penetration and can do a lot of damage. It will be more than enough power to take down an elk . Many hunters prefer to use the.308 because it offers low recoil and has a highly accurate shot. The.308 is one of the most popular hunting bullets in the world.

🌐 Can a.308 rifle be used as a brush gun?

  • When hunting, deviation of a few inches, let alone a foot or two, means a shot cannot be predicted to have reliable success. In other words, .308 hunting rifles don’t work well as a brush gun. Lever actions are quite popular hunting rifles. They shoot heavy bullet weights with a round nose design. Lever action calibers have quite the reputation.

🌐 Can a.308 rifle be used on moose?

  • Does the .308 perform as well on large game such as moose, elk and the big bears as it does on deer and black bears? Using a rifle chambered for .308 has its drawbacks and its advantages but more than anything it comes with responsibilities.

🌐 Can bow shoot through hunting blind mesh?

  • Effectively, bow hunting blind provides you with a grid shooting feature that enables interchangeable mesh camo glass windows to be connected with hook-and-loop stripes and can be opened with zippers. In particular, its light-weight construction has been rendered with a black inward coating of durable, water-resistant, woven fabric 150D fiber.

🌐 Can i shoot 308 in my 6.5 creedmoor?

No. 6.5 CM is essentially a necked down 308 which means that the bullet diameter, hence the barrel bore is a different diameter. You can use the same lower receiver, magazine and bolt in an AR/LR 308, but it still needs a different barrel/chamber for shooting 6.5 CM. A bolt gun must be designed for 6.5 CM to shoot it.

🌐 Can you shoot a 223 through a 30 caliber suppressor?

  • You can safely shoot a .223 caliber bullet through a .30 caliber suppressor and it will quiet it, but the larger-than-necessary bore allows more gas to escape unhampered through the suppressor, causing a louder report. But with the Nitro 30, you can screw in the appropriate end cap to fit multiple calibers more efficiently.

🌐 Can you shoot a .410 slug through a full choke?

RE: 410 Slugs And Full Choke

Any shotgun slug through a full choke will not be accurate. Improved cylindershould be the tightest choke using the foster slug, the one you are using. Any other slug such as sabot must be shot through a cylinder bore or rifled barrell which is the same size as cylinder with rifling.

🌐 Can you shoot a gun through blind mesh?

says DO NOT shoot a firearm through the mesh. Yes, snipers shoot through mesh but they are far enough back from the mesh that any muzzle flash will NOT contact the mesh. The blind companies recommend against shooting through the mesh because of the fire hazard.

🌐 Can you shoot a slug through a full choke barrel?

Yes, you can fire a slug through a full choke, and it's relatively safe (ALWAYS read the ammunition advice)… Rifled slugs can be designed to deform through the narrower choke, but will lose both power and accuracy relative to a cylinder or improved cylinder choke.

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What is a brush gun?

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Can you shoot through a small window with a bow?
  • Once set up, you can shoot right through the mesh on the small window with a bow or a gun to stay hidden. The R75 Mossy Oak Break Up Country has reinforced stress points with triple stitched corners and reinforcements to prevent rods popping through the fabric.
Can you use a 308 for hunting elk?

308 Winchester is a good caliber for hunting deer, pronghorn, elk, moose and bear. Proponents of the . 308 Winchester will usually tell stories of how well the caliber does as a sniper rifle out to 700 yards and sometimes beyond.

Is it ok to shoot slugs through a modified choke?

Yes, you can shoot rifled slugs through your modified choke. You could even shoot rifled slugs through a full choke. But you will probably have best results with a modified or improved cylinder.

What kind of arrows can you shoot through ground blind?
  • Arrows were launched via the X-Ring Shooting Machine through a special fixture that held the ground blind mesh and paper. For this test, we set up a PSE Dream Season using a string nocking loop, Axion Pulse rest and Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows with 100-grain fieldpoints.
Will a 243 bullet shoot through a moose?
  • Some might tell you that the .243 will simply bounce off a moose’s ribs. Many don’t even take it into consideration for deer. However, it’s another of those quiet cartridges, and a favorite of many Alaska natives, that has put moose down for decades. In fact, it is still the go-to “big” rifle for many.

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Awesome whitetail kill shot with .308 rifle Will a 270 shoot through brush?

The 270 is a great caliber like many other popular ones but it is not a brush caliber to shoot through thick forest.

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Top five guns for deer hunting.